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  • Android One latest version from Google

    Would you like to know what is the specialty about Android One OS compare to Android OS or Apple's iOS8? If so, check the expert's answer on this.

    As we came across news of various Indian Smartphone released with Google's Android One OS as latest version and operating system, what is so special about Android One OS? Is there any additional features compare to earlier and last version of Android KitKat? What is the differences between Android One OS and older version Android OS? Is Android One competing to Apple's iOS8?
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  • The budget smartphone having latest OS and at appropriate periods will get latest updates(as promised by Google) like Nexus gets is called as Android One.
    The difference between Android One OS(current: KitKat) and older Android OS(Jelly bean and KitKat) is as we know most Costly smartphones get latest version and no Budget smartphone is going to get that but Google promised to give Android One Smartphone keep updated to latest version as Google do for Nexus devices.
    We cant compare Android One and Apples's iOS8 both have major difference but the similarity is both will be keep updated.

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