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    Do Facebook apps have access to phone numbers and address on Facebook?

    Are you worried about the safety of your personal information in Facebook? Check out how to protect your personal information in Facebook.

    Earlier, Facebook apps didn't have access to our personal information on Facebook profile. However, it is learnt that Facebook may now have started allowing access for it's apps to get our mobile number or address from our Facebook profile. Please confirm if this news is correct or not.
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  • Actually, Facebook started syncing your phone contacts back in 2010. But these numbers are not displayed to anyone else except you. You can check if your contacts are synced or not signing into your Facebook account and then clicking on

    These phone numbers are not only from your contact list but also from the mobile numbers visible to you from your friend list.

    If you want you can remove this data by going to Settings in your Android device > Sync Contacts > Remove Facebook data.

  • Nothing new! There are only some apps which have access to your information on Facebook. You can view a list of those apps by going to:

    Account --> Settings --> Apps

    Once there, if you click on any app, a pop up box will appear and will tell you what kind of permission is granted to it. You can then remove it or let it be depending upon your requirement.

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