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  • Does Facebook have a limit of 5000 friends for a single profile?

    What is the maximum number of friends you can add in Facebook? Is there any way to add more friends after you reach the maximum limit? Find out the answers from our social media experts.

    Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites of the world. Mark Zuckerberg managed to catch the pulse of young and adult alike with this wonderful social networking platform. I used to think that one can make numerous friends on Facebook by sending and accepting Facebook friend requests. However, I read a friend's Facebook status today saying that Facebook has stopped him from adding any more friends as he already has 5000 Facebook friends. Is it true that Facebook does not allow one to have more than 5000 friends? Please confirm.
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  • Yes, what you heard is right. The major social networking site Facebook limits the users to add friends more than 5,000. Once you have reached the limit of 5,000 friends, you can't accept new friend requests. If you want to accept the friend request then you must unfriend some of your friends and replace your new friends with the old.

    Most people, when they reach this limit of 5,000, they unfriend those who are not any more active on Facebook, and accept the new ones. So, what you heard is totally correct, there is a limit of 5,000 friends for a single profile/account.

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  • Yes. As far as my knowledge goes, it's true that Facebook has a limit of 5000 friends for a single profile. However for a fan page you can make likes in millions.

  • Yes,you are right. Facebook has settled a limit of having only 5000 friends for an user profile.

    If you have already 5000 friends and someone tries to add you as a friend then that person will becomes your friend by default.

  • You are absolutely right. Facebook Limits the number of Friends to 5000. After crossing the limit their will be no "Add friend" option, there will be only Message in the profile about friend requests but you will not be able to accept the requests unless you remove some existing friends. An alternative is to convert your profile to a "Page", which will allow you to have unlimited number of Fans but no Friends.

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  • See the image below to know what message comes after adding 5000 friends . The message that comes after adding 5000 friends is that unable to add more friends.

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  • Yes, it is true that you can add a maximum of 5000 people as your Facebok friend.

    By any chance, you expect to have more than 5000 people to be interested in tracking your updates, then it is better to convert your profile in a public page. Pages in Facebook can have any number of fans/followers. So, your purpose will be solved.

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