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    When to apply for Google AdSense if you own a Wordpress website?

    Have your own Wordpress based blog or website? Read this thread to know when is the best time to apply for Adsense and get approved. Also know the best strategies, methods and tips.

    Recently, I have purchased a domain name and hosting for a website which I have myself developed on Wordpress. I want to know, if you have your own website, when can you apply for Google AdSense and get accepted? I have heard that they want to see your website up and running for 6 months, and there should be enough content, but I need some information and more details. If the website has static content, then would it be accepted by the Google AdSense?
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  • Hi Anwesha,

    I would suggest you to go through the below resource by Tony Sir at Techulator. It mentions all the basic requirements and also some tips to get your Adsense account approved fast.
    AdSense application checklist and tips to get AdSense approval
    Hope it helps you.

  • Not only Wordpress website but any other association website need to complete at least six months as per Adsense policy. However, very few blogger have got Adsense approval after above three months of establishing their blog, this is rare scenario like case to case basis.

    Adsense team mainly observe the region of the blogger, originality, creativity, full detail about the blogger, traffic stat for the blog, unique content for the readers, regular updates and adhering Adsense policy etc. It is also observed that static content of website is given least preference for Adsense approval than Dynamic content one.


  • Here are some pre-requisites that need to be followed before you apply for Adsense:

    1. You must be atleast 18 years of age.
    2. Your blog must be atleast 6 month old.
    3. Write unique and quality articles on your blog.
    4. Your blog must have 'About us', 'Contact us' and Privacy policy' pages.
    5. Use original images in your articles.
    6. Do not write on topics like hacking, porn etc.
    7. Your blog must have decent number of posts.
    8. Make sure you get decent traffic before applying for Adsense.

    Prabhat Jani

  • @Anwesha there are many myths in your mind. If you own a self-hosted sites you can apply for Adsense anytime you want, there is no time limit. Here are few requirements which you should complete before applying for Adsense.

    1. Get sufficient content : - You should get at least 15-20 unique and error free contents based on your relevant niche. Do not try to do article spinning. Write proper articles with at least 500 words length.

    2. Create Important Pages : - To show your concern to Google, you should add Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About us and Contact us page on your Wordpress blog. It will tell Google about How you will use your readers data.

    3. Images : - Don't use images directly from someone's website. Edit them before using them on your website such as remove their site tag, blur images, add your blog's name etc. on it which will save you from copyright issues.

    4. Niche : - You blog should not be related to illegal or adult niche such as Hacking, porn, poker, casino, etc. otherwise your application will be directly rejected.

    5. Traffic : - Till now while applying for Adsense taffic is not a concern. You can apply for Adsense after writing sufficient and good quality content.

    If you face further difficulties then feel free to contact. I got my Adsense account approved within 10 days of owning my blog.

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

  • Google adsense used to accept Blogger blogs earlier. However the amount of spam and the poor quality content lead to Adsense rejecting the websites without their own domain name. These days they require the website to be established for past 6 months. And the minimum content of around 20 pages on the website.

    Static websites also have the same rules on them. You need to have more content in order for the static websites to get accepted. Prior to 2007, most of the websites used to be static or using Joomla and Drupal. But these days the websites are using WordPress and Blogger for dynamic content posting. So you can use Static website but have to constantly update the content. Think of number around 20 or more pages to get accepted from Google adsense.

    As for the rule of the self hosting. You can use or with your own domain name. You don't need Godaddy or Hostgator hosting for the same. You may however need the hosting for your domain at any place. I suggest getting the hosting from the hosts who have better downtime. You have few options like - hawkhost, a small orange, bluehost and Godaddy. For small size content hosting, these websites are more than enough for the needs.

    As explained earlier the new website must have EU cookie policy, Terms and Condition policy, Privacy policy and Pages like about us and contact us.

    One more important thing is know which type of content is accepted by Adsense. For example, lot of medical keywords are not allowed, alcohol, tobaco, drugs, adult keywords, guns etc should not be part of your content. Don't use adsense on such websites.

    Keep your website away from Whatsapp spam and other traffic exchange programs. This is because if your Adsense account gets the traffic that doesn't convert then Google uses SmartPrice algorithm on your account. You can learn more about this Algorithm on Google's official pages. This algorithm if applied reduces your earning. So make sure you don't fall for the clickbombing, traffic exchange and oversharing.

    One more tip from my experience : Avoid relying on Google Adsense only as your mode of earning. Choose Amazon, ShareaSale and other affiliate programs to sell products and to earn commission.

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