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  • Why doesn't my laptop charge up to 100%?

    Your laptop is not charging to 100%? Learn how to resolve this common problem. If your laptop is not charging fully, checkout what is wrong with your battery and laptop.

    I purchased a HP Envy 15-J048TX on October 2013. It was working perfectly till I went for a trip to Chennai recently. I plugged it into the AC pin in the train, and after hours of charging, it only charges up-to 88%, although the light indicates battery full.
    Now the problem is that even in the home plug point, I was able to charge it up to 82% till yesterday, and now it got stuck at 81%. Not only that, even on unplugging, it force shuts down just after crossing 28%. I went to HP service center last week and they said that I have to get a new battery, which came under ADP so they replaced it. Still the problem has not yet been solved. I am attaching a screen-shot supporting it. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

    Charges only up to 81%
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  • It happens with some laptop after couple of months of usage of the system/battery and changing location or charger point, battery issue starts. Detach and attaching the battery sometime works and sometime not, however, your system case is different since you have already replaced the battery from service center and not tested at that time, I believe. This is the time once again you have to contact respective service center to cross check it with them and rectify the errors.

    I roughly can say for your system case that there is no battery issue but some solider missing or hardware related to battery point issue.


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