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  • Is Hike Messenger better than WhatsApp

    Have you heard of Hike messenger? How does it perform compared to WhatsApp? Learn more about Hike messenger.

    I recently received an invitation from one of my friend for Hike messenger which is a Chat application like WhatsApp and it is from India too. I feel it is somewhat better than WhatsApp compare to free message etc. However, I would like to know if Hike Messenger is better than WhatsApp? Kindly describe.
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  • I have used both Hike and WhatsApp for a fairly long time. And yes I'd say Hike is far better than WhatsApp as Hike offers everything that WhatsApp does plus it gives lots of extra facilities. I'll discuss them point-wise. I assume you have used WhatsApp before, so I'll point out only the extra features of Hike.

    1. The first and highly popular benefit is you can decide who sees your 'last seen' time and status updates. WhatsApp didn't offer a facility to distinguish between our close friends and normal friends, but Hike clearly does so. You just have to add your close friends to the favourite list for that.

    2. Hike has both the smiley and the sticker but WhatsApp has only smilies. To elaborate more on the point, I have noticed Hike has all the smilies similar to WhatsApp plus it has it's own set of new smilies.

      The sticker packs of Hike are totally unique. It has many popular one liners from Indian movie stars, which makes it apt for Indian users.

    3. Another popular feature of Hike is the free message system. You can earn a few free messages just by chatting with other people in Hike. However there are other methods of earning free messages, they are discussed below.

    4. In my opinion the main reason that made Hike this much popular so quickly is the invitation system. You can invite more of your friend to join Hike via free SMS or WhatsApp. For each friend who joins Hike, you will get Rs. 20. You can use the cash for sending free SMS to your friends even who doesn't have Hike.

    5. In WhatsApp if we send message to an offline friend, the message will remain in the server and we have to wait until he/she comes online to see it. But Hike offers a new feature named the offline message. Whenever you send message to an offline friend it automatically gives you the option to send the message using free SMS or your carrier's regular SMS to your friend's mobile directly. This option is useful if you need to send an urgent message and have run out of phone balance.

    These were the main features. There are also a couple of extra features, such as,

  • 'Hike Daily' sends you motivational quotes and popular sayings everyday.

  • If you connect Hike with Facebook, Hike status updates will be automatically published in your Facebook wall etc.

    Last but not the least, Hike is an Indian app. It is made by giving thoughts to the chatting style of Indian people. I think it's worth giving it a try.

    All the comments made above are according to my personal experience and views. Others may differ from me.

    Thank you

  • 'When you stop learning, you start dying' - Albert Einstein

  • Yes,Hike is better than whatsapp deu to following features:-

    1. Hike is new and change is the rule of life don't get stucked to the old ones try the new one though sometime it's difficut somtimes it beneficial .

    2. Hike gives referral bonus so enjoy hike after downloading it and inviting your new friends who have not joined.

    3.Hike is free ofcourse but whatsapp has a charges Rs. 55 for a year though the first year has no charges.

    4.Hike is the only free messaging app of India.

    5.The colour of hike doesn't pinch the eyes so its healthy for eyes.

    6.In whatsapp there is nothing which can show you that the other person is online .

  • Features of Hike that WhatsApp does not have

    Hidden mode: That able to hide private chat from others like our friends or family member, we can keep it secret as we can protect such private conversation with password.

    Attachments(send anything):
    WhatsApp only allow for video, image and music as well as voice notes to send but Hike offers to send any files of any formats having size upto 100MB each which whatsApp does not provide.

    Rich in Sticker: Have more stickers compare to WhatsApp have, we can effectively express feelings by choosing stickers that are available.

    Hike to non-hike:
    To use WhatsApp it is necessary to have installed WhatsApp in others devices as well and can't contact to non-WhatsApp user.
    But Hike does, Possible to send message to non-Hike user across India easily.

    Free of Cost:
    Hike is free of cost, whether WhatsApp cost as the first year FREE and after cost applied $0.99 USD/year

    Feature of WhatsApp that Hike does not have

    No PINS:
    Hike require PIN that can give bother, but WhatsApp is PIN free, It uses phone number thus PINS are not required.


    WhatsApp came first hence there are millions of WhatsApp users, It's easy to use with simple interface and secured by phone number.
    WhatsApp rated by 18,995,223 users 4.4/5
    Hike rated by 881,886 users 4.3/5
    More than 197164 Recommend Hike on Google.
    More than 11854003 Recommend WhatsApp on Google.

    Yes, Hike is better than WhatsApp as compare to its features, it easily defeat the WhatsApp by latest usefull functions.

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