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    How to embed Flipkart affiliate banners in Wordpress self hosted blog?

    Are you a Flipkart affiliate? Read this thread to know complete procedure and steps involved in embedding banners of Flipkart and other affiliate programs in self hosted Wordpress blog.

    Recently we have started one affiliate website. Now we want to include Flipkart and other affiliate banners on that website. But Wordpress doesn't support iframes directly. How can we insert Flipkart affiliate banners into Wordpress blog? YouTube videos are embedding by using short codes feature but Flipkart affiliate banners don't work. Is there any solution for this problem?
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  • Wordpress does not allow banners or image ads from Google AdSense, OpenX, and others. You will find no option to insert HTML or Java code in Wordpress. To display ads you have to buy hosting and host the Wordpress on your purchased hosting. Besides advertising you will be able to get all features and plugins on your own hosting.

    For more detailed info you can visit

  • It is not possible to embed Flipkart affiliate banners or any other affiliate banners in self-hosted Wordpress blog without hosting the blog on a web server. Some very good web hosting services that can be used for Wordpress blogs are listed below:

    You can opt to host your Wordpress blog on any of the above hosting server. There are help tutorials available to host Wordpress blog on Bluehost as well as Hostgator. One can do it easily without any hiccups.

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    Bhakti Savla

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