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    Can we book two separate tickets online in IRCTC using same credit card

    Are you trying to book multiple tickets at the same time through IRCTC website? Find out how to book more than one ticket using same credit card.

    We are planning to travel to Goa next month along with all of our classmates. We will be a total of about 30 students. Can we do bulk booking - I mean few of us will login to IRCTC at the same time and try to book tickets in batches of 6 people per ticket. But we have only one credit card. Can we use the same credit card at the same time to book multiple tickets in IRCTC? Or, does the railway website blocks the credit card for sometime after someone uses it? I heard the credit card cannot be reused for another booking for sometime to prevent abuse by the booking agents.
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  • I have already gone through this and have booked multiple tickets using the same credit card. If you want all the booking to happen at about the same time and increase your chances of getting confirmed tickets, you can create multiple accounts with IRCTC for each batch of you. In each ticket, you can book up to 6 people. So, if 30 people are travelling, you can create 5 different accounts with IRCTC in the name of 5 different people in your group. Then book tickets at the same time from respective logins.

    Please note that even if you all book at the same time, there is no guarantee that you will get the berths/seats in the same compartment. Your seats could be anywhere in the train! I experienced the same and we thought if we click the button at the same time, we will get the seats next to each other but we were not even in the same bogie.

  • If you know that there is only one credit card, you should avoid logging in from various computers at the same time.
    Now the one who is going to use the card can login properly and start the process of booking tickets. The entire process can be repeated as many times as you want, as IRCTC is concerned that they are paid for their services and nothing else.
    If your card doesn't exceed the credit limit, then there shouldn't be any problem in booking the tickets.

  • There is no problem in using same credit card. However if you are using the same login simultaneously then IRCTC will reject your request.

    Once I was in the process of booking a tatkal ticket. Me and my friend were using the same login. I managed to book the ticket. After I made the payment I was notified that my ticket is not booked due to multiple login. It was written that my payment will be refunded within 48hrs.

  • Dear Techulator User,

    I am sharing my experience which has blocked my credit card of HDFC bank for 15 days and after giving written explanation to the branch and wasting more than 10 hours with customer care.

    We plan to travel from Ahmedabad To Ajmer. We are 18 people. So we have to book 3 tickets with 6 names on each. We logged in to 3 different IRCTC accounts at the same time and entered same credit card numbers. Our tickets were booked. But next day I got a call from bank that your credit card is blocked.

    They thought that someone has stolen or found my credit card and hurriedly using it.

    So 5 of you visit the nearest railway station with 5 forms and do manual reservations. There are 2 or three windows available at railway stations. If you do online reservation, you will get the seats and coach which are available and the same thing happens on railway station also. On thirty tickets you will get benefit of 300 Rs. As in online booking they charge 10 Rs Extra.

  • There will be some issue either from your respective Bank (including VISA - third party) or from Railway Admin upon bulk booking at one time for the same credit / debit card. You can book for all thirty students by sharing the same credit card info with five peoples to book online for thirty seats / berths but with different date / time. However, if you want to use the credit / debit card to use on the same day / time for booking then your group understanding for this task / program will not be accepted by either Bank (first) Credit card department or Railway Admin upon final verification of transaction taken place on the same day.

    So, it is better to handle only one person that credit card and the rest with four person (for six passenger each) can stand on the queue for reservation done on the same day. If you are still needed to use the same credit card to book for thirty seats / berths then you have to inform in advance with the respective Bank with written or give more than few hours gap or else you may face an issue.


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