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  • Is there any Apps better than Temple Run to download and play

    Want to download apps better than Angry Birds or Temple Run? Learn more about great games to download.

    Once Angry Birds Apps was an outstanding and a leading one to download and play as an entertainment as it was having worldwide users and fans. Later, Temple Run apps from imangi chased Angry Birds and dominated till date. Is there any Apps better than Temple Run app to download and play at the moment? Expert can let us know about it or the best game to play and to download from Google Playstore.
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  • I believe there are many popular games available in the Play Store which can be downloaded and enjoyed depending upon one's taste. Some of the more popular smartphone games (or gaming apps) are listed under:
    • Candy Crush

    • Subway Surfers

    • Flipping Birds

    • Real Cricket 14

    There are various other popular games which keep getting launched on the Play Store every week. This is the age of Android apps, iOS apps, Windows apps, etc. and you will see many great games being available to us in days to come.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

  • I don't know that the following Android games are better than Temple Run or not. But you can try installing them on your Android device.

    • Fruit Ninja Free - This one is my personal favorite. There are number of challenges to play. Slicing melons, kiwis, oranges, bananas and strawberries is quite a fun.

    • Clash of Clans - I have not played this game myself. But a few friends of mine have it installed on their smartphones and are very positive about it.

    • Krissh 3: The Game - Our own Indian game which can interest you. It has both single player and multiplayer mode. You can also play it online with friends and others

    • Candy Crush Saga - This is one of the most popular these days. If you have a facebook account, your notifications may be full of Candy Crush Saga invitations. Its not a good idea to play on your PC but surely a good one to have it on your smartphone.

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