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    What is the difference between YouTube earning in Google adsense and YouTube partnership

    Are you looking for the difference between Google AdSense earning at YouTube and YouTube partnership? And also want to know if you will get seperate payment for your video uploading and monetization by Goolge AdSense and YouTube partner ship payment, will both payment will be different or not? Find relevant information about here.

    Recently I uploaded 5 videos to YouTube and each video has an average of 100 views. When I see analytics, it shows me the current earning from my videos. After a few days of monetizing my videos on YouTube, I associated my Google adsense account to it and as usual it showed me my earnings from YouTube.
    I am bit confused about these two earnings. Would I get separate payments from YouTube and Google?
    Please provide your suitable answers.
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  • I don't know much about it, but I guess you only get from the YouTube partnership programs as Google is the one providing ads on YouTube and as it is owned by them. I don't understand why Google will be paying you again for it, but just pays for what you have got through your YouTube partnership. Like what I said, I don't know much about it, maybe you could wait for someone with a more appropriate answer. Hope this helped.

  • When you click on the Analytics in the Video manager of your YouTube account, it would show the last 30 days earnings by default and it would also display your 10 top videos which have been watched the maximum number of times in the 30 days period. You can customize these views. The same earnings will be soon in your Google AdSense performance reports. However, there may be difference in the reports due to the delay in posting the earnings at Google AdSense from YouTube. I have uploaded about 395 videos on YouTube which can be viewed under my channel name sukhdevsingh852. You may post any other doubt if you have any regarding youtube earnings. Your Google AdSense earnings will show the earning from all the websites with which you have associated your AdSense account.

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