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  • Which is the best antivirus for an Android smartphone?

    Read this thread to know the benefits of using antivirus on you smartphone. Also find some of the best antivirus for Android smartphones.

    I own an Android smartphone. Till now I have not installed any antivirus on this device. There are a few antivirus softwares available on Play Store but I don't know which one to install on my phone.

    Advise me some really useful antivirus. And also tell is it really necessary to have an antivirus installed on your smartphone? Because I have no problems in my phone though I access internet a lot.
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  • There are several Antivirus applications available for android online. And my recommendation is to go for Netqin Antivirus software which is great in mobile security & to maintain the good performance of your phone.

    Netqin mobile antivirus is well known for it's protection and performance. This antivirus not only protect your phone from threads online and offline, it also maintains your smartphone's' "performance" & your personal data with many tests like Battery, RAM, Phone Memory, Message, Contacts, etc. You can backup your data on their free cloud storage. It is also available in other OS' like Symbian. You can get the trial version of the software from play store and have look at the performance and protection provided by "Netqin antivirus" and check whether it fits on your mobile or not. Netqin also comes with different themes which is pretty in look. You can also contact their support centre, if you having any problems.
    Here is the download link to Netqin Mobile Antivirus for Android


    And it's not a must to install a antivirus software on your smartphone unless you are changing your storage devices with friends or coworkers. So, if you want protection plus phone's long lasting performance then you can simply go for Netqin mobile security/i>.

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  • I prefer AVG antivirus as it consumes less memory when compared to other Antivirus. With this anti-virus I found many malicious app and I deleted them instantly. It is not just anti-virus, it performs system task like task killer and battery monitor. The scans my entire phone and SD storage in a minute which is a pretty good stuff. It has battery saver option which kill all the back ground apps once your battery level reaches 15%. I also received frequent updates on virus definition which is a must needed feature for any virus program. I recommend you to use AVG antivirus. It is absolutely free and there one more version called Pro which charges you a little.

  • Many anti virus software are available with all these features. According me the best antivirus software for Android phone are Avast and Avg are two better options. This software has high features and more secure than others and these also consumes less power than other apps. These apps works very effectively, no need of scanning of installation of new application it automatically scans checks for the virus.

  • I always prefer Quick Heal antivirus for my smartphone.

  • Some of the best antivirus for Android smartphones are:
    Quick heal mobile security
    Netqin mobile antivirus

  • I will suggest you to use Avast antivirus for your Android smartphone as it is simple to use. From my experience, Avast antivirus is one of the best virus protections for the system and smartphone. Avast offers free antivirus download too; however, it has minimum protection whereas paid one is of high protection for privacy and other confidential data.


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