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    Which Is The Best 1TB External Hard Disk ?

    Do you want to buy 1 TB external hard disk for laptop? Also looking for best deal in 1 TB size with warranty and guarantee details? Subscribe to this question and get the answer.

    My laptops 500GB internal memory has filled with my important data.I cannot delete that important data.So I decided to buy external Hard Disk for my laptop. Which is the best brand of external Hard Disk? Please tell me list of some external Hard Disk of 1TB. Is there any warranty or guarantee on such external Hard Disk? Please tell me the average price of 1TB external Hard Disk.
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  • As far as my experience is concerned, you should look for the 1 TB hard disk from the service and quality point of view. I have recently used Sony 1 TB harddisk and it is running very well, though it is some what costlier than Seagate brand. This is my experience. If budget is your limiting criteria, you should go for Seagate or Western Digital brand.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • I will suggest to buy Western Digital 1TB Hard Disk. It will only cost you around Rs 3600 and they will simply replace the product if you face any problem .

  • As far as my experience and knowledge is concerned, you should go for Seagate Hard disk. Seagate Hard disk comes with 3 year manufacturing warranty. You get the blazing transfer rate of USB 3.0 interface which is upgradable to Thunderbolt technology or Firewire 800. You will hardly find any con in this device.

  • I am using Western Digital My Passport external hard disk for 8 months. It is a 1 TB storage hard disk. It has USB 3.0 feature and if you laptop support USB 3.0 you can transfer file much faster. The size of this hard disk is 2.5 inch and is very easy to carry. I checked transfer speed in my laptop, it gives a maximum of 45 Mbps (using Linux OS). My laptop don't have USB 3.0 feature and so I am not able to check the speed for it. The look is good, available only in black color. I bought this external hard disk for Rs.3500 in a wholesale shop. As I purchased it in whole sale shop I managed to get it for very cheap price. Transferring file from hard disk to computer is faster than transferring file from computer to hard disk. It is usually happens in any external storage. So I recommend you to go for Western Digital My Passport which is cheap compared to other hard disk. My hard disk has standby feature, it is just like turning off the hard disk even if you are connected to computer. I keep it connected for 6 hours and I never felt heat on it. Vibrations are very less when compared to my old external hard disk. Its build quality is good and you won't feel it cheap. Best part is it has 3 year warranty. It also came with some software for Windows and Mac. Only drawback is the USB cable which is too short. However you can also use your mobile phone USB cable.

  • If you're looking for a Quality & Price combination, then I would suggest you to go for Seagate hard disk drives. Seagate HDD's are popular and will give the customer satisfaction whether it is prize or performance.
    Seagate Backup Plus Hard Disk Drive:
    "Seagate Backup Plus 1TB HDD" comes with USB 3.0 and you can also use it with USB 2.0. It has good and stylish "matte finish", which prevent scratches. It is portable and comes in different colours like Black, Blue, Red, Silver. It have "easy plug and play option" and good response from cutomers. The Seagate Backup Plus 1TeraByte Hard Disk starts with the range from 5,600. Which is affordable when comparing with it's quality. And it has strong 3 year warranty too.
    Whether you buy any Hard disk just make sure it have good reviews from cutomers and it have enough quality. Because we never want to replace a hard disk after some usage.

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

  • I recommend you to purchase 1 TB external hard disk from Flipkart. They provide a lot of external hard drives of 1 TB with warranty.
    Below I have provided some of the 1 TB external hard disks from Flipkart:

    Seagate Expansion Falcun 1TB external hard disk
    Price: 4,133
    Warranty: 3 years

    Dell Backup Plus 1TB USB 3.0 portable hard drive
    Price: 4,275
    Warranty: 2 years

    Sony HD-E1 2.5 inch 1TB External Hard Drive
    Price: 4,465
    Warranty: 3 years

    If you find any problems in portable hard drive from Flipkart than you can also replace it.

  • You can go through these:

  • Toshiba Canvio 1TB Portable External Hard drive USB 3.0

  • Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive STBU1000103 (Red)

  • BUFFALO DriveStation Axis Velocity 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (HD-LX1.0TU3)

  • Western Digital My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive - Black

  • TOSHIBA Canvio 1.5TB USB 3.0 2.5" HDD

  • If you are looking for reliable solution, then Toshiba is the best.

  • The best external hard disk manufacturer is Adata.

    Some of the cheap and best hard disk available online are :-

    Adata HV620 2.5 inch 1TB External Hard Disk - Price Rs. 3999 (Shopclues)

    Adata HV620 1TB External Hard Drive - Price Rs. 3999 (Snapdeal)

    New model Seagate Expansion 1TB USB 3.0 - Price Rs - 4000 (

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