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    Comparison Between Inverters and UPS

    For your home office or computer room, UPS or inverter - which is better? Read the advantages and disadvantages of UPS vs Inverter.

    The question is about UPS and Inverters, as in summer we are facing many problems in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Electricity is a major problem. Can you tell me which is best for our home? Kindly write the advantages and disadvantages of UPS and Inverters. Please also tell me which is costly and which is low in price? Which electronic provide good output and maximum life? Provide all useful details about both devices.
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  • Well, Inverter and UPS are both power back up system and to some extend, working pattern of both of the devices is almost same. To run over all household appliances, and Inverter will be best.

    To say about advantage and disadvantages, there is no major advantages or disadvantages. UPS takes a few milliseconds of time to come to the back up mode after power loss while an Inverter takes a little more time than that. So for some devices like computers which can not tolerate delay, an UPS is required for that. Also UPS provides more regulated voltages than that of an Inverter. So it depends on you, what type of devices or appliances you are going to run.

    To talk about the cost, the circuit of the UPS is more costly than the Inverters. But it's the battery which made overall price of an inverter more than UPS.

    Maximum life of an electronic devices always depends on its working environment. Temperature, humidity etc are some factors which determine its lifetimes.

  • When you compare inverter and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), followings are the differences between them.

    Size and Purpose:
    UPS normally has low power storage capacity compared to inverter which is used to run almost most of the electrical appliances while UPS is just needed to run one or two device like PC, Laptop or printer.

    Working principle
    UPS directly converts the AC to DC and store the power in DC form in battery. When you are using UPS, power to your device comes from battery in form of AC (after conversion into AC from DC storage). When there is a power cut, your equipment does not feel it as battery keep on giving power to equipment without any interruption. This is why it is named UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). On the other hand, Inverter also working on the same principle but the battery capacity is far more than UPS and also there are sensors which keep on looking for whether battery gets AC power from mains or not. If suddenly, power goes off, sensors takes time to give feed back to battery and hence you will feel an interruption in case of inverter. This is why during power cut off, you will have to wait for few seconds/moments to get power from inverter.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Inverter:
    In this world there are two types of current AC and DC. AC is alternative current which we use everyday in our life. DC is direct current which is used in battery. Function of inverter is just inverting. It can invert AC to DC or DC to AC. The inverter we use in our home is connected to a battery. When there is power it converts AC to DC which charges battery. If the power get cuts, electricity is drawn from battery (DC) and inverter converts it to AC which we use in our home appliances. We cannot use DC for home appliances like fan, fridge etc unless they are compatible with DC.

    We generally use UPS for computers. We have a device in computer called SMPS which maintains the current. Processor need only +5 V or -5V which is generated in SMPS. I am not sure about working of UPS. But what I imagined is UPS is just power supply or think simply like a switch board with battery back up. When there is current in your home it charges the battery. During power supply it directly provides current and during power cut it provides supply from battery.

  • "1. UPS, standing for Uninterruptable Power Supply, is an electric circuit (device) which instantly backs up power supply for a gadget.On the other hand, inverter is circuitry which converts AC to DC and stores in the battery.

    2. Inverter converts DC power (stored in its battery) to fulfill respective requirements of the devices.UPS does the similar task of power supply and is quite similar to inverter's working in order to supply power.

    3. Inverter has a wider range of input power as compared to UPS.

    4. UPS circuitry is far more sophisticated than that of inverters."

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