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    Will a UPS works fine with inverter power?

    Can we connect a computer UPS to an inverter? Will that cause any issues to the UPS or inverter? Get advice from the experts.

    I have a good, powerful gaming pc. So naturally it uses a lot of power. I bought a good 800 maH UPS to support the pc as ours is a frequent power failure affected area connected to direct power grid. But since the pc is powerful and ups has its limitations, I am getting a backup of about 20-25 minutes maximum. I wish to have a better back up. So I was thinking about connecting ups to the inverter so that my pc will get more backup. But I am not sure how it will affect the ups and inverter. So I want to know. Is it a possible solution? or is there any other economical alternative? The inverter is a sine wave inverter. Any advice will be good. Thank you.
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  • If the UPS is a sine wave Inverter, there should not be any problem while running the UPS on it. However, it will be better to check UPS manufacturer's recommendations whether your UPS is capable of running on Inverter power or not.

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