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    WhatsApp for Windows XP Laptop or Desktop

    Will Whatsapp work on Windows XP? Learn your options and how to download Whatsapp on Windows XP laptop or desktop.

    Where can we get and download WhatsApp for Windows XP to use it in Laptop or Desktop? I would like to use Android Apps WhatsApp to my PC / Laptop as same as Android Smartphone, I had downloaded few of them from online but they are just downloading with 25MB to 120MB files but they are not properly installing or gets file error or scrap programs. I would like to know from the expert that I want genuine website to download and install WhatsApp for Windows XP for Laptop or Desktop. Please let me know about it.
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  • Well, There are several sites which provides Whatsapp applications, but some of them may be corrupted. So, you can't download the complete application. The other reason for incomplete downloading is that your internet connections are weak.

    Here I will tell you How to Download official Version of Whatsapp:
    • Goto the Whatsapp Official Site:

    • There you'll find Whatsapp download links for Android, Windows, Symbian, etc.

    • Click on Download Whatsapp for Android.

    • Your browser will automatically download the Android Whatsapp file.

    Now, you have the Whatsapp Android application. But, remeber Android applications will not directly work with Windows platforms. So, you may need to install other application to install & run any Android application on your PC.

    I will guide you How to Install Android Application on Windows OS:
    • Search "BlueStack" on google and Download the application.

    • Install "Bluestack" on your Windows PC.

    • Now open the "Whatsapp Android Application" by double clicking it.

    • Now "Whatsapp" will automatically install on your Windows PC.

    • After the installation of "Whatsapp", just open "Bluestack" on your PC and goto "My Apps"

    • Open "Whatsapp". And Enjoy Messaging!

    Hope this helps you! Please feel free to ask if there any doubts regarding "How to Install Whatsapp on Windows".

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

  • WhatsApp is not available for desktop versions of Windows. It is clear in the official website that WhatsApp is available for mobile OS like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian. So you want to install mobile emulator in your desktop. Mobile emulator is a tool where you can literally run the OS top of the desktop. Android emulators are popular and is easily available. Best Android emulator is BlueStacks.

    BlueStacks is currently available for Windows and Mac OS. Download the software from official website. After installing BlueStacks you will get the user interface (home screen) of Android. Create an account in BlueStacks Play store. You can download any apps you want as you do in Android mobile. Your wish is to have WhatsApp, then you can search and download it from Play store. Installing BlueStacks may slow down your PC.

    Another method to run Android OS is VMWare. You might have heard about VMWare, virtualization tool. Android recently launched a firmware that can run in x86 chipset. The x86 is chipset is nothing but the CPU in your desktop. We call chipset in mobile as ARM processor. You can install the x86 version of Android and run in virtual machine. Advantage of VMWare over BlueStacks is you can install Android OS multiple times. BlueStacks is meant only for Android but in VMWare you can install any desktop (x86 chipset) OS.

  • Best way to run "Whatsapp" on your system is to use "Bluestacks" emulator. You are not allowed to run Android based apps on Windows platform. Bluestacks is one way through which you can easily run any Android apps on Windows. Follow above procedure to install it in your desktop and if you still face problem then revert back.

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