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    Category of PAN of Transferee - what to fill in this while paying TDS

    Are you looking for the definitions for Category of PAN of Transferee and Category of PAN of Transferer for sale of property TDS payment? Find out the details and definitions of the same.

    I am purchasing a property above 50 lakhs worth and I am supposed to deduct 1% TDS from the buyer and pay to the government treasure. I am trying to fill the information online through the website

    There are two fields that I am not able to figure out:

    1. Category of PAN of Transferee

    2. Category of PAN of Transferor

    Where can I find the category of the Transferee and the Transferor? I don't find any information about the categories of PAN numbers.

    Please help me with this realestate TDS issue.
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  • While paying the TDS for sale of property, these two fields are not mandatory. You may leave them blank and it will be automatically filled by the form for you after you provide the PAN number of transferer and transferee. Typically, if you provide the PAN details of individuals and not companies/firms, the field will be automatically populated with the value "Individual" after the PAN is validated.

    Visit the official website for more information about deducting TDS and paying online for sale of immovable properties like apartment, plots, land etc.


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