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  • How to use Whatsapp on computer?

    Do you want to access Whatsapp on your computer? Read this thread to know the complete and easy step by step procedure involved to use Whatsapp on your computer.

    I am using Whatsapp in my android phone. Now I want to use Whatsapp on my computer. Is there any way by which I can use whatsapp in my computer, if yes please tell how. I have a computer with internet connection with Windows 7 in it.
    thanks for your answer. now I am able use whatsapp in computer.
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  • Yes, You Can!
    You can use Whatsapp on your computer.
    - Bluestack Software.
    - Whatsapp Android file.
    - Internet Connection.
    Ok. Let me tell you, what are the basics in it.
    Whatsapp is a messaging app with 300 million users worldwide. It uses to send and recieve messages without any cost using internet connectivity. This application is mainly made for smartphones which have the OS platforms Windows, iOs, symbian, Andriod etc...
    There is no official version released for PC or Windows users. But we can use it in PC too. We can use Android application to run in Windows PC by installing a software called Bluestack.

    Here is the Step By Step Guide to Install Whatsapp on Your Windows PC:
    • Download "BlueStack" Software from Web, Just Google it, you will get it.

    • Download "Whatsapp Android Application" from web. You can download it from their official website.

    • Install "Bluestack" in your Windows PC.

    • After installing "Bluestack", Double Click on "Whatsapp Android Application".

    • It will automatically install on your computer.

    • Now, open "BlueStack" and goto "My Apps".

    • Click On "Whatsapp" and you're done!

    Enjoy Messaging via "Whatsapp".

    Thanks & Regards,
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  • Like Harish said you can use BlueStacks Android emulator to run WhatsApp. I installed BlueStacks in my laptop running Windows 7. After few days of usage my laptop became unstable. My laptop was no more faster and every activity took extra time. BlueStacks application take lot of memory and so my laptop became slow. I was unhappy with my laptop performance and I uninstalled BlueStacks. My laptop hardware configuration is Core i3 and 2GB RAM. I think for running BlueStacks you need even more good configuration. After uninstalling BlueStacks my PC was back to normal. If you really need another WhatsApp account BlueStacks is the best way. There are many alternatives for BlueStacks but in the end they are also emulators. Memory consumed by emulators will be higher which will reduce your PC performance.

    Software experience in BlueStacks is good. You can access the Play store and install whatever apps it supports. It almost support all the apps in Play store.

  • How to use Whatsapp on computer:
    This is a very easy to use Whatsapp on computer. First of all download Whatsapp from any website and run on the computer. Fist of all download Blue-stack software then download Whatsapp Android Application" from web.
    Install Bluestak in your computer and after installing you msut install Whatsap Android application. After that it will automatically install on your computer. After that Open Blue-stack and go to the application where you an open whatsapp icon and start messaging and calls.

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  • I would suggest you to visit the below link for complete and detailed step by step procedure to use Whatsapp on your PC.
    How to use WhatsApp on Desktop PC or Laptop
    How to use Whatsapp on Windows PC and other Android Apps too

  • There are two options to use Whatsapp on PC.
    1. Whatsapp Web
    2. Bluestacks

    1. Whatsapp Web
    It is the new feature introduced by Whatsapp to run and use whatsapp on desktop. You need to go on this url - Then open whatsapp on your mobile and go to whatsapp web section. Scan the code displayed on PC's screen and you will be logged in your whatsapp. There is no need to login again and again. Don't logout, then you can access Whatsapp even if your phone is absent anytime. Just save the Desktop in your mobile. Don't worry, it will automatically save desktop.

    2. Bluestacks
    It is the most common method every person uses. Install Bluestacks from its site. Then open Bluestacks, go to Play Store and install Whatsapp.

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