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  • Are there any websites from which I can get second hand laptops of good quality?

    Are you planning to buy a laptop is coming days? Read this thread to know the best websites where you can buy used and refurbished laptops online at low prices.

    One of my friend bought a second hand laptop at the cost of Rs. 10,000/- and right now it is not working properly. It starts to hang if multiple applications are running and it also crashes at times.

    So I want to know whether there are any websites from which I can buy good quality second hand laptops. If yes, please give me the links of those websites where I can directly order reliable second hand laptops of good quality.

    Have a nice day.
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  • There are various websites where you can buy used laptops online at cheap prices.

    Some of the leading websites are:
    Here you can buy refurbished laptops and other electronic gadgets like mobiles, tablets etc. For laptops it gives free 1 year onsite tech support. Currently there is an offer going on at the site where you can get a free laptop bag on your purchase. They claim that they do a 16 step quality check on every gadget. So this ensures that the product that you get is genuine and in good condition.
    This is a very popular site to buy factory seconds and refurbished products. It sells various electronic items like mobiles, tablets, laptops, cameras etc. All the products are priced cheap and all the product are thoroughly checked by their team. They also offer 1 year warranty, free delivery of your product and 15 days free returns.
    This is another popular site to buy factory seconds, refurbished, carton damaged products in India. It sells products like mobile phones, laptops, net books etc. The prices for the products are cheap and all the products come with warranty and they also offer free shipping.

    You can also think of looking for good deals from people who are trying to sell their own laptops online on free classified sites like Quikr, Olx, Clickindia etc. Here you can browse and look for people selling laptops in your own city/town and you can yourself go to the seller and check the quality/performance on the laptop. IF you are satisfied, you can go ahead and buy the product.

    Hope this response helps you!

  • There are many websites from where you can buy the second hand laptops with good quality for the best price. Any gadget including laptop can't guarantee better function, even seller can't promise you, they may give warranty to some extend for it. So, just think about used or second hand gadgets unless you are ready to take some risk.

    I have bought some used gadgets like laptop, smartphone and automobiles which really didn't give that much issue and I paid to rectify them. I have sold some items and not received any complaint from the buyers. Yes, you have to take some risk, get an expert advise and luck do play role on this.

    You can buy items from Olx, Quikr, Sulekha and Clickin etc. other than the above mentioned sites in first response given by author. If you are little flexible with extra budget then you may buy a new laptop instead of used one. This is my advice.


  • These are the sites in addition to those which you already got, they are mainly focused on these gadget reselling.

    Hope that works.
    All the best.

  • I would love to share my experience. I had a laptop of HP Company which I bought for Rs. 25000 as second hand through OLX and later sold it for Rs 10000 after using it for more than two and a half years. So I think OLX is the best if you know how to deal the the seller. Read all the terms and conditions before buying any product from OLX. If you are choosing to buy it from OLX then do not give money unless you check it properly.

  • When buying a second hand laptop, few things must be double checked.

    Some of them are
    1. Condition of the laptop
    2. Make and brand
    3. Software and Operating System

    But above all we are more concerned about the price, whether it comes in our budget or not. But above said things must be checked for sure.
    This is a company founded by the alumnus of IIT Calcutta. They buy old desktops, laptops and servers from corporate houses. They run through all the various processes of vacuum cleaning to wiping of data, malicious code and re-installing of operating systems. They have their own set of diagnostic tools for this process. Even they replace the damaged parts with genuine ones.

    Many of the NGO's, Businesses, Schools and Students have already got few products from them and they are happy now.

    So better go for this than relying on some websites blindly.

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