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    Getting 'System program problem detected' in Ubuntu

    Are you getting the error - System program problem detected, Do you want to report the problem now? Check out who else are getting the error and how to resolve them.

    I have recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS operating system in 64 bit system. Getting 'System program problem detected, Do you want to report the problem now?' For first 20 days I never got this problem. But since few days I am experiencing this problem. Please tell me how to cope with this problem and how to avoid such type of errors.
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  • To solve this open Terminal application. It is command line interface. Then type the following command.

    sudo rm /var/crash/*

    Hit enter after writing the above command in Terminal.This will remove the crash logs and you no more get the dialog pop.

    This error occurs when language pack get installed in your OS. The error was detected in Turkish language pack due to which you are getting this error. This bug has been reported to Ubuntu and the solution is found in official Ubuntu forum. If you want to avoid this kind of problems in future, don't install updates. I have used more than 5 Linux distro. Every time I update I have either some performance issue or few bugs. This few bugs will suck out your blood. You need to work out for a long time to get rid of this bug. However experts recommend to install updates, to avoid unwanted bugs I feel not to install update.

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