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    Will Blogger Blogspot receive less visitors?

    Are you using Blogger platform for your blog? Read this thread to know whether having a Blogspot domain reduces the traffic of your blog or not. Also know the best strategies to increase your blogs traffic and ranking.

    I heard that using Blogger and Blogspot as domain name reduces traffic. Is that true? For example: Will receive less traffic than the blogs with a normal domain name? I have seen many of them were using Blogger platform but they changed their domain name. Does Google reduce the ranking of blogs with blogspot in domain name?
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  • According to me it is true.

    I am also receiving less traffic I have 7 blogspot and I have only got around 150 visitors which are below the average and nowadays my blog is also not displayed on Google search. This will be a bad news for the blogger and for those who has hosted account as well. So I think the new policies of Google are not in the favor of blogger.

  • You may not get a lot of direct traffic due to the difficulty in remembering an extended blogspot domain name. However, forwarded/redirected traffic may not be affected if your content is unique. I don't think Google would reduce the ranking of a particular blog just because it is hosted on blogger, it really depends on the content and traffic it receives.

  • Generally any Blog or Website needed valuable, quality and worth content to crawl, store and index. So, any webpage (blog or site) need to fulfil the various parameters of the search engine to crawl, store and index the content for visitor's search. If blog matches the requirement of the search engine then there will be no issue for traffic and if not then there will be a issue of visitor and traffic to a particular blog or site.

    In most cases, Blogspot is given least preference on search result due to various reasons and one of them is though unique but the content is of less searchable or the blog itself not regular updated by the blogger or over keyword usage and so on etc.


  • According to me, its not true. I too have a blog and i get 500 to 1000 pageviews each day. I dont think "blogspot" is the reason for your less number of page views. You should post a killer article with a good title , give right tags to your post and publish in networking sites then you will get a good pageviews. Dont blame the Blogger for your mistake. If that will be the reason then most of bloggers on Blogger would not earn revenue through their blogs.

  • Yes, a blog with no dedicated domain will receive less visitors when compared to other blogs that have a custom domain. And this need not be true in all cases.

    A domain name shows that you have the passion and interest in blogging. Also, most of the people are now aware of what blogspot and blog is. So, it indicates that you are not a dedicated blogger. Yes, this is how people feel and of course I do think the same way.

    Also, if your domain contains the keywords related to your niche like ',' your chances of getting ranked by Google's search algorithms is more. So, its better to get a custom domain registered and that costs you just 2 dollars.

  • Most of my blogger blogs ranked almost instantly and got visitors. When I got my own domain name registered and used the custom domain option, I did notice a drop in visits.

    When you have a blogspot you will get visits, and will notice that your posts get noticed very quick. The trick is to do one of two things(both of which worked for me).

    One - post relevant content only. This keeps the niche tight and gets you visitors

    Second - Post often and you can vary what you post. It could be what your day was like, an article you read, a sales post etc. Posting often gets your blog noticed and you will get traffic.

    I setup tester blogs on blogspot and move the ones which I think I can work further and which have potential onto their own domains.

    All said and done, having good content, focused does pay, but don't be too keen on impressing the search engines, focus on people as well, get them engaged, and people will visit your website.

    Live life Fully and stay healthy!!

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