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    What is there in Gorilla glass technology which enable protective screens?

    Does Motorola Moto G use Gorilla glass? How does it protect the phone? What are the advantages of Gorilla glass.

    I recently bought Moto G few days ago and came to know about Gorilla glass technology used in it. I want to know, what is there in Gorilla glass technology which makes the screen toughest? What are the other smartphones come with this technology?
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  • Gorilla Glass is the product of Corning Inc and it is a tough, scratch resistant, light weight alkali aluminosilicate (compostion of aluminium, silicon, and oxygen) glass. It's famous for it's hardness and scratch proof nature and is used on more than 2.7 billion devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops and laptops.

    In addition to MOTO G it is used in

    1. Sony Xperia J ST26i
    2. Samsung Galaxy S5
    3. LG G2
    4. HTC One M8
    5. Nokia Lumia Icon
    6. Lenovo Vibe X

    These are just a few and almost every smartphone brand today is using this technology for customer satisfaction, durability and toughness. So, you can find it every where and even on Moto E.

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