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    Is there any software or apps to control heat of the laptop?

    Are you looking for software or apps to reduce temperature of your laptop? Find out various options to control heat in the laptop.

    I am facing a unique problem with my lenovo laptop. It is getting over heated within few minutes after I turn it on and start using. Even if I leave the laptop idle for more than 20 minutes, it gets over heated and turns off by itself. I have confirmed this is turning off due to heating problems. Just before it turn off, the bottom of the laptop is extremely hot.

    I read many articles on heating problems and tried to clean the fan myself. I opened the back cover, located the fan and cleaned all the dust. But the problem still remains.

    I am wondering if there are any software available that can control the temperature of the laptop? Google search shows a lot of apps that can help in reducing the temperature. But how exactly it works? How can a software reduce the temperature?
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  • There is no effective apps to avoid overheating laptop due to its fan but 'cooling fan' tool for laptop can help you on this. Cooling pad fan available in the local market or computer showroom and it cost just around Rs 200 to Rs 700 (depend on brand).

    You can buy cooling fan pad/stand and keep it under the laptop which could help to avoid the laptop temperature. You can buy cooling pad from online shopping. For example, find the link...


  • The heat of laptop can be control be placing external heatsink and cooling fan. The function of the heat sink is to absorb the heat and dissipate it in air. Place the cooling fan in opposite direction or below your laptop in order to get ventilation for hot air to dissipate in atmosphere.

    1) I would suggest stopping the application or service which the laptop user is not using. I have found around 70 process are running by default but you can disable some of them from control panel or enter msconfig in RUN command.

    This will help to improve the performance of PC or Laptop.

    2) If games are installed on your laptop then I suggest you to uninstall the games as the games are not made for laptop. If you really want to play games then use PS2, PS3 or Xbox consoles.

    3) Do not keep the laptop working for more than 4 hours. You can shut down for 20-30 minutes so that the processor can come back to normal temperature which was increased earlier.

  • Reason for laptop heat is running apps. While running apps, processor needs to process the data. It is nothing but passing current. So current flows to processor whenever you start OS and launch apps. Over some time heat will be produced. So to reduce the heat there are two possible ways, one is to keep your system idle and second is to use heat sink. There is no point of using laptop for keeping it idle. Obviously the best solution is using heat sink. Heat sink is nothing but a cooling pad or cooling fan. However there are some software to monitor CPU temperature. You can install and use software like Real Temp, Core Temp, Open Hardware Monitor and HWMonitor.

  • I think there are no such application which gives control over heating in laptop. The reason behind this is, laptop 's battery and processor are main reason behind heating. Never use your laptop with always AC power connected to it. You can use AC power whenever necessary. Reduce the background activities in your laptop.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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