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    What is Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) in Windows XP ?

    Do you want to learn more about Internet Connection Firewall? Follow this thread to learn about ICF in Windows XP

    Firewall is way of security mechanism that works as barrier to test the data coming to the computer from other computer or internet. The firewall turns the data away or allow to pass through the other computer through firewall setting.

    So what are the necessary step required to setup the ICF for windows XP
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  • In addition to the regular Windows firewall which restricts access from outside computers to your computer's files and applications, Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) is a Windows feature that is mainly useful when you want to firewall your Internet Connection through Dial-up connections or a LAN which connects to the internet through Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) etc.

    You can use the below settings to setup ICF on your Xp system:

    1. In XP, launch the Control Panel using Start >> Settings >> Control Panel
    2. Go to Networking and Internet Connections >> Network Connections.
    3. Select the connection on which you want to enable ICF, and click on Properties.
    4. In the Broadband Connection Properties dialog box, click on the Advanced tab which is usually the last tab in the list.
    5. In the Internet Connection Firewall section select ensure that the checkbox for 'Protect my computer and network by limiting access to this computer from the internt' is checked. (This enables the ICF)
    6. If you want to enable specific windows applications and services to use this feature, click on the settings button.
    7. This will display an Advanced Settings dialog box where you will have the option to select multiple applications or services that need to be ICF'd
    8. Click Ok and then Ok again to close these dialog boxes and enable ICF.

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