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  • Problem with mscank driver and Windows Explorer.

    Want to know about mscank driver and its purpose on your Lenovo G580 (20157) Laptop? Also want to know why your Windows 7 OS is generating error like "Windows Explorer has stopped working"? Get the help from above issues from our experts.

    I have Lenovo G580 (20157) Laptop. 32 bit, Windows 7. I have few problems in my laptop. First, Lenovo Solution Center tool detected that "mscank driver" is not installed on my Lenovo Laptop. What is the purpose of this driver? Does this affect my laptop? How can I install it? And second, I am facing with this error:- "Windows Explorer has stopped working"
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  • MScank driver is needed when an installation is in progress or associated with any file on your laptop.

    Please follow the steps and check whether, you're able to get rid of the problem:
    - Open Device Manager on Control Panel.
    - You can see lots of devices associated with your laptop.
    - Find if there is any device which needs to be installed {You can see an Yellow Exclamation Mark on it}.
    - If you find it, just update the driver.

    Updating Driver Software Step by Step Guide:
    Solution 1: With Motherboard CD
    - Open Device Manager.
    - Right click on the device which is not installed.
    - Click "Update Driver".
    - Follow the steps, and the computer will automatically install the driver from the CD, if it exists in the CD.

    Solution 2: Update from Internet
    - Open Device Manager
    - Right click on the device which is not installed.
    - Click on "Update Driver".
    - Select "Update from Internet".
    - Follow the instructions.

    If the above procedures fails.
    Go to:
    And do a free scan or download the Driver and install it manually on your laptop.

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