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  • What is behaviorally targeted advertising ?

    Read this thread to know what is the meaning of behaviorally targeted advertising. Also learn about its benefits, pricing and other details.

    Advertising is defined in several ways. There are various types of advertising for promoters and publishers. There are various methods to compile the data on many aspects for targeted advertising in order to increase the traffic of your website. I am would like to know from the experts what is the meaning of behaviorally targeted advertising.
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  • This is mostly used online by online publishers and advertisers. They mostly put a cookie on the computer whenever the people visits website and segregate the people as groups by looking the interests of the people through their web browsing.

    We can ourselves see or receive emails related to the area of discussion we could have done in social networking sites.


  • Targeting customers based on their behavior like buying habits, income and locality etc comes under behavioral targeting. This can be seen in online advertising most commonly and Behavioral Targeting is one of the techniques used by Google today in its display ads.

    You can better understand this by observing Google ads on websites you visit. If you are a frequent visitor of Flipkart or some shopping websites, you can see more advertisements related to such websites with offers on particular products you visited mostly.

    Or if you observe ads in Google search i.e. beside search results, they are closely related to the keywords you used in search bar. Google displays ads that are related to your keywords. For example, if you searched for MOTO G, Google displays ads related to MOTO G on Flipkart, eBay, Amazon with prices.

    Google's bots sometimes called adware detects and keeps a record of your browsing behavior and uses it to display ads that you are interested in. obviously, such ads tempt you to click and sometimes make a purchase.

    This can also be seen offline and companies track customer behavior by conducting surveys and collecting feedback at stores and some other methods. This kind of targeting is called behavioral targeting. Now, I hope you understood it clearly.

  • To get the best outcome from your advertising make sure you focus on the customer's specific interests. Every time someone browses the web, performs a search clicks on a link, you receive valuable insight about why your customers buy from you and how they like to purchase your product or service,and how you strategically use this information is known as Behaviorally Advertisement

    There are various tools for behavioral advertisement

    1 Observe and Listen
    2 Dive In Even Deeper (Demographic , Conceptual etc)

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