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    How to know SWIFT-BIC code for new payment system for Google Adsense account?

    Is your Adsense account upgraded to receive wire transfer payments? Read this thread to know complete details on how to obtain SWIFT-BIC code for your bank branch and what's the use of it.

    Google has just upgraded the new payment mode for all Adsense publishers. My adsense account has been automatically upgraded to new payment mode. There is a form which has to be filled by the publishers. There is one option which is 'SWIFT-BIC' code. I could not find the SWIFT-BIC code of my bank branch. How to know it? Is it mandatory for payment from Google?
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  • Hello User,

    As you know that Google has upgraded their transaction methods and added Wire Transfer for most of the publishers which helped most of the bloggers to get their payments fast which was taking couple of months to arrive by check. Now you can easily get your payment within 4-5 days by Wire Transfer. Many bloggers are a bit confused about filling the form for Wire Transfer. So I have described each and every part of the Wire Transfer Form.

    1. Account Holder Name: - This field does not need much explanation.
    2. Bank Name: - In this you have to enter the correct name of bank in which which your payment is going to be sent.
    3. IFSC and SWIFT-BID Code: - These are the codes which will confirm your payment from foreign countries. You can easily find these codes for your bank on Google.
    4. Account Number: - This information must be filled with full concentration. You must know that you have to enter the account number in which you want the payment to be sent.

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  • SWIFT-BIC code is nothing but usual SWIFT code which you can get from your bank itself upon enquiry. BIC is nothing but Bank Identification Code which helps easily for Wire Transfer through SWIFT and IFSC code. You can get both the codes from respective bank branch and fill them up in your Adsense account then save/submit it.

    If you give me your bank address then we can help you to find it or else you can simple approach them and get it.


  • The BIC code identifies your bank within the SWIFT network of interconnected banks. So if you want Google to transfer money to you they need to include the BIC to send it to the right bank first. You can find the BIC code for your bank on websites such as mentioned in the reference url.

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