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    Can we write a Wordpress blog in Hindi? If yes, then how?

    Follow this thread to know whether it is possible to start a blog in Hindi language on Wordpress. Also know the various factors involved and SEO for such blogs.

    Is it possible to make a Wordpress blog in Hindi. If yes, then how we can write in hindi to that blog?
    And also tell me how SEO will work for such blogs that are in Hindi language. Would these Hindi blogs can attract good number of visitors? Please tell me the full details.
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  • There can be many reasons that you are creating a blog in Hindi language which is also a pride for Indians. How you can create a blog in Hindi language? Then you can easily follow the steps provided here.

    1. First of all you will need to get a theme with Hindi language support.
    2. After this you need to change you language to Hindi which can be done by installing .Mo and .Po file for you language.
    3. You can confirm your installation of language by going to your Wordpress directory and looking for languages folder. If you found your language as Hindi then you have completed the installation and start writing post.
    4. While writing the post at the bottom of the page you will find Hindi as preferred language click on it and start posting.

    Happy blogging.

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