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    Virtual IP Addresses and Static Router query

    A network service will be installed on system. You need to decided to use a virtual IP address for this services to be more efficient and flexible in future.

    Your co worker has likewise created virtual IP address that is not routed by your gateway but which you need to gain access. An additional virtual IP address available after reboot. A static router to support access to virtual IP address of your neighbour.

    How you will fulfil this challenge to test the remote alias is still available ?
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  • Virtual IP Address: - As the name suggests, these IP addresses are virtual and give you a fake IP which can be used to surf the internet. Beyond the fake IP there is a real IP which can be accessed only by your ISP provider or any government department.

    Static IP Address: - Static means fixed. These IP addresses are fixed by ISP providers. This IP Address can't be changed like Virtual IP Addresses.

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