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    How to configure beetel WiFi (ADSL2+) router to use it as Tikona.

    Recently I have opted for Tikona wifi. After turning down from Airtel router I have decided to go for Tikona wifi service. But the problem is that I Tikona service uses RJ45 router while Airtel uses Beetel ADSL2+ router. So my question is that how can I use the beetel ADSL2+ router to use as Tikona. I tried a lot to reset the factory setting of beetel router and changed the setting but it doesn't actually worked for me. If possible explain the method in step wise manner. Thank you all in advance.
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  • You can not configure the one router device to use it as another router device. It depends on what type of ports are available on router device and what type of your input cable port for connecting network link to your router device.

    If the network link cable is connectable with your router device then you can use any wireless router to access wi-fi facility. It is not required to connect two routers with each other if the port of those routers are not compatible.

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