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    Best online recharge websites on internet

    Tired of going to the shop for recharging your mobile or DTH? Find the best websites on the internet where you can recharge your mobile or DTH online.

    I know there are some websites on internet which provide you the facility of recharging your mobile and also to recharge DTH or Dish. Can somebody name some really good websites for this? Also mention the benefits of recharging through these websites.
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  • We can find a lot of mobile recharge websites on the web. These websites are very helpful for everyone. You don’t have to go to any mobile shop to recharge your mobile, DTH etc and you can do it whenever or wherever you want. I have used some of these websites and is my favorite. This is because they have very simple mobile interface and offers a handful of coupons. Users can easily choose their coupons right away and they can redeem at respective shops. They are also offering a lot of deals for their new as well as old customers. Users can reduce the time taken for each recharge by adding cash to the wallet or by saving multiple ATM cards.

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  • Recharging your mobile or DTH online is really beneficial as it offers a lot of convenience and saving in terms of time and money. You don't need to go to local shops for recharging your mobile and DTh and you can recharge from your mobile/tablet or computer.

    There are many sites where users can recharge mobile, DTH etc. Some websites also allow you to do other tasks like paying electricity bills, booking tickets etc.

    Some of the best websites to recharge mobile online are:






  • Apart from the above ones, there are many other sites too which are equally good and you can use them too.

    You pay for your recharge at these websites through your E wallet, AT card, credit card, net banking etc.

  • There are many sites which provide this facility of recharging your prepaid mobile, postpaid mobile, DTH and data card without going any where and without paying any extra money. According to my opinion freecharge[dot]in is the best site for recharging your mobile in few clicks either through your e-wallet, credit card, debit card or net banking. You can even fill the cart in advance so that you can recharge anytime.
    Other facilities it provides is coupons of different beverages, movies, pizzas, coffee etc which you can get at very minimal cost, however this is optional if you do not want to get it just proceed without picking any coupon.

  • It is better to recharge on its own official website. For example, if you want to recharge Airtel DTH then you can visit Airtel website. I suggest this because, plan changes and offers will be updated first on official website. Also you can claim your money if the recharge is not successful through customer care.

    On third-party websites i.e websites other than official website don't provide all the packs. On official website you can select the pack that suites you. If you need to add a specific channel say Discovery, you can do it on official websites. In third party websites you need to do that manually.

  • Well there are lot of websites to recharge but if you recharge on the official website you won't be charged any extra amount. If you feel you're comfortable with other websites then you can choose any of the following website:

  • There are Many websites which offers recharge Options so there is huge competetion in the market


    It is a website which offered free recharge value coupons to their customer(for example if a person recharge it with Rs 100 then he can get an equal amount of free coupons of leading restaurants or stores like McDonald etc

    2. paytm .com

    This is an another website which is know a days very popular because of its advertisement campaign . The website offers cash back plus free recharge value coupons.

    3. rechargeit now

    It is also the fastest recharge portal where you can recharge any mobile phone or data card .The website offers a lucky draw contest daily and selects a winner which gets a cash back or a free recharge.

    So it is better to recharge your phone with these website because company website will not give you any benefits and due to greater competition these websites are giving you offer .So one should choose these sites to recharge their mobile.

  • I prefer recharging/paying my Vodafone bill using the Payback points I earn out of my everyday ICICI credit card spends. The same can be done on Vodafone's official website.

  • As I am using to recharge my mobile and DTH online from past one year. It provides best recharge plans with daily update and secure payment methods.

  • As I am using to recharge my mobile Online from past few months. It provides Instant recharge with safe and secure payment methods.

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