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    What is the cost of installing solar panels on terrace of a house?

    Want to harness the power of solar energy by installing solar panels? Read this thread to know complete details about the cost involved in installation, maximum electricity that can be generated and various other details.

    I want to install solar panels to get solar energy benefits. What is the initial cost of installing solar panels for electricity, heating purpose? What is the maximum amount of electricity we can get from installing solar panels on a small size terrace? What is the duration though which we can use electricity per day?
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  • The price of solar panels in India depends on the content, model and requirements of the customer. For example, a customer needs solar panels with 3 fans, 2 tubes, 4 CFL's, 1Tv and 1 PC costs around Rs 1 Lakhs to Rs 1.5 Lakhs . This is the basic price for solar panels and it goes up to Rs 10 lakhs for different models with different requirements.

    There are many solar panel manufacturers in India and they produce their panels for homes. Advance users can be effectively use general home appliances like CFL bulbs, tube lights, mixer, refrigerator, fans, computers, television, AC, fridge, and washing machines or water motors.


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