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    How to increase earnings from YouTube ?

    Do you upload videos at Youtube and monetize it? Read this thread to know the best tips to increase traffic to your videos and in turn increase your earnings from ad clicks.

    I had uploaded couple of unique videos taken by me, they are all about nature and uploaded with good keywords but there is no enough traffic on that nor I earn from YouTube videos. I observed that there is very reasonable traffic to those videos but there is not even a single ad click from them. How to increase YouTube earning from ads? Expert can let us know the tips to earn from YouTube videos uploaded.
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  • No doubt YouTube is the most popular and the best video sharing website. Just stuffing keywords doesn't help you if you want your videos to be watched. Let's know why.

    Keywords placement is useful only when they are being used to search in Google. Didn't get me? Okay, Samsung recently released their Galaxy S5 and every tech blog know that 'Samsung Galaxy S5,' 'Galaxy S5 specifications and price' will be the best keywords because users will search for S5.

    In the same way, can you make sure that the keywords you used for your videos are the most searched ones? No, you can't. So, instead of depending upon keywords stuffing and tags, rely on content. Yes, content.

    'What is your video about?' will be the first question a user asks himself on seeing its thumbnail. If it is interesting, unique, engaging or at least entertaining. Tell me who in this busy world wishes to watch nature's beauty? (I do) I'm not putting you down, being a publisher you should know what your audience like and what they're watching everyday.

    Research, revise and get some cool videos in the niche that your target audience are interested in. No one likes long videos, so make videos that are less than 5 minutes with best quality. Also, make sure that your channel gets more exposure, you can do this by social promotion and local promotion (offline). Use perfect tags and titles for them. Don't forget to demand(request) a subscription or share at the end.

    Hope you got my points.

  • In order to increase your YouTube earnings, you have to first identify which videos people like and often search for. For example Facebook tricks, blogging tips & tricks are always hot on YouTube, so you can focus on such videos rather than capturing those videos which give you a little or no traffic and hence low ad views. Try to make a list of currently popular videos and post content related to them. Now don't panic if you get low traffic to your videos. Just check your video manager tab in around 7 to 8 days and if lucky, you will see a huge rise in traffic to your videos.
    Bonus Tip: After posting at least 10 videos, try to contact some YouTube partner network like Forela Digital who can help you to increase the ranking of your videos on YouTube. But as a part of their 2 year contract, they will take 20% of your earning as their share. Besides, don't forget to write good description, title and a minimum of 8 tags for your videos.

  • You can't easily earn online within a few days or weeks. YouTube, Blogger etc are some examples for that. In case of YouTube, you may not get even a single click even if your video views cross 1000. The videos must be informative for the users or atleast should entertain them. Tricks, tips, game reviews etc have the great chance to deliver more traffic. Always upload attractive and key word rich informative description and meta tags for your videos.

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  • @Prashant Dalal, great info there, can you please elaborate a bit more on these youtube partner networks? How effective are they in doing what they claim on their websites? I've been approached by a lot of similar networks inviting me to associate my youtube channel with them, I'm still researching about it and any information first hand from you would be appreciated.

  • Use these tips to increase Adsense earnings from your YouTube videos :
    1. Upload videos like how-to tutorials, gadgets reviews, tech videos, latest smartphone updates etc.
    2. Always try to be the first person to upload a video on a particular topic.
    3. Solve problem of other people through your videos instead of only earning from them.
    4. Upload meaningful and understandable videos on your YouTube channel.
    5. Write long and meaningful descriptions for your videos and use high paying keywords in it. This will increase search ranking of your videos as well as Adsense earning.
    6. Share your videos on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. to get maximum views to your videos.
    7. Bookmark your videos on social bookmarking sites like reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, delicious etc.
    8. You can block those advertisers who are paying less PPC from you Adsense dashboard. Use this feature and show ads from advertisers who are paying high CPC on your YouTube channel.
    9. Use SEMRUSH to find high CPC Adsense keywords.

  • The first way to improve the ads showing is to improve your ranking in search engines. Keyword research for high ranking words in your industry or field is important. To put it simply: better keywords = more traffic = better ads showing = more YouTube ad money.
    Watch Some Tips for Earning Money from your YouTube Videos

  • Youtube is one of the best ways in sharing videos. As you have mentioned you have posted few videos on nature. You can browse few other videos related to yours and check how they are presenting the content. Though the video is well edited, the content of the video is very important. The video shouldnt be too long or too short. Edit the video with few graphics as well, if necessary. Dont keep flashing the " subscribe to my channel " through out the video. Dont force / irritate the viewer. Use simple and short videos. Share the videos on social networking websites. Answer your subscribers if they ask you through comments / emails. Do not be rude with your subscribers.

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