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  • What is GTA 5 official release date for PC

    Are you a gaming enthusiast and love playing games on your PC? Read this thread to know official release date of GTA 5 for PC and learn about system and graphic card requirements.

    I want to know GTA 5 official release date for pc. I have seen GTA 5 trailer and know it has been released for PS3 and Xbox but when GTA 5 will be released on PC. Apart from all this, please also tell its system requirements and which graphic card should I have in order to play GTA 5.
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  • It seems that Rockstar hasn't developed GTA V for PC. There is no news on Rockstar official website regarding GTA V for PC. I found that it is available only for Xbox and PS3. The producer has publicly announced that GTA V will be available only for consoles. I think they are concentrating only on consoles instead of PC market.

    Some third party websites stated that the PC version will be available on first quarter of 2014. It is clear that they are rumors.

  • The official website form submission results into Rockstar need some more time in order to formulated GTA V for PC. As of now on website there is no report regarding GTA V for PC on Rockstar official website. The research team of the ROCKSTAR announced that it is design for Xbox and PS3 as of now. The creator has privately declared about the GTA V that it will available only to consoles like PS3 and Xbox. The evaluation of GTA V technical team are concentrating more on consoles instead of PC based because PC had heating problem due to use of Intel, AMD or any other motherboards which support high graphic cards.

  • Till now there is no information regarding the PC version of GTA 5 but it is strongly believed that Rockstar is certainly busy building this awesome game for PC. It will take them a lot of time, probably 2 years, to fully develop this game for PC and remove all the known faults which you may have encountered while playing GTA 4 (PC version). There have been several aspects when online game retailers have shown this game as available for Pre-orders. But no one knows whether this game will be available for PC or gamers will have to buy a PlayStation in order to play it.
    The release date for PC is believed to be somewhere around this June or the first quarter of the next year.

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