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    How to permanently delete facebook account

    Follow this thread to know the complete steps and procedure involved in permanently deleting your existing Facebook account.

    I have a facebook account which is packed up with number of unknown friends and lots of conversations. I just want to permanently delete my facebook account and start a new one with the same ID. Also I want to know whther facebook has any backup for my account database. So please help me out with procedure to completely remove it. Thanks in advance.
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  • Facebook is a awesome social networking site. Indeed Facebook is the best. Facebook offers you everything you need. There is an option using which you can just delete your Facebook account permanently.

    Looking to your concern I think you can simply un-friend the unknown persons and unknown stuff and you can continue to use your existing Facebook account. I'm afraid you may lose some of your true friends and network if you delete it permanently.

    By the way, there is no reason to worry Facebook is always ready to serve you the best. It offers you an option to "Deactivate" your Facebook account so that you can get it back later if you want to get back your Facebook account. Also you can request Facebook for deleting your account permanently and in this case, you can't get your Facebook account back ever. Get the details about Facebook account deactivation and permanent deleting using the link below.

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  • Recently I had deleted my Facebook account which I was using since 3 years. I was moderating a page which had somewhat 1000 likes. what I did was I made another account with my nick name and made my self manager of that page and deleted the original page. Now when I access the page through my new ID I found myself in trouble because this page has one option which is showing me as a content creator and not the manager and to change the managerial role it is asking for the original ID through which I made the page. I am sharing this because before deleting the page mind it you don't have any thing you don't want to loose. Anyway I have found the method to recover that page but just thought to share this incident with you.

  • After looking your problem there is some things you should try.

    1.) If your social media profile contain a lot of priceless memories that u don't want to erase if you are planning to delete your profile. Than you might want to store a copy offline. Facebook let you download all your data(including everything like photos , videos , messages etc.) Downloading these profiles can take a lot of time depends upon how much you've shared
    I will recommend you first backup all profile data and then u can either delete your account or can simply unfriend people and delete some stuff from profile.

    here is the link for official facebook guideline and for backup data.

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