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    I want to make a new website and launch it on internet. How can I do it ?

    Do you want to design and launch your own website? Follow this thread for complete step by step process on how you can do it.

    I am planning to make a website and I know a little about web development in ASP.Net (with SQL Server) as a computer student. But no tutor/teacher had ever told us about how we can launch a website on internet?

    Can anybody out there help me and give me the step by step process to do this.
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  • Now a days, creating a website is too easy. Today you can create your website and launch it within 10-20 minutes(basic site with basic features). Before I tell you about website creation you must understand the requirements of a successful website. There are few terms and topics which you must be aware of to launch your own website. Creating and launching a website is totally different thing, In fact anybody can create and launch his website. Basic terms and topics you need to understand to launch a websites are given below :

    1. Domain and domain host
    2. Content hosting
    3. Web template and design

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  • For creating your own website, follow these steps:
    1. First go to
    2. Now, buy your domain like .com, .in, etc.
    3. From the same site, buy your hosting plan. I recommend you to buy Linux Advance Hosting Plan.
    4. Now, from bigrock, log in to your account and then go to your cpanel.
    5. From here, install wordpress or any other software.
    6. You are done, start posting quality content to your website.

  • So, you want to have your own online identity? Okay, then what among these two do you want to launch - A website or a blog? Many newbies are confused between these two terms so, let me clarify it for you.

    If you want to offer some services online, a website is better and if you want to share your knowledge, tips or some personal stuff, blog benefits you. For starting a website you need to work a lot on its design and I don't know much about the background needed.

    For a blog its as far better than learning Photoshop or C language. Though there are free services like Google's Blogger and they cannot give you complete grip. So, choose self hosted blog.

    Let's see the process in launching a blog now.

    1. Choose a domain related to your niche and that is easy to pronounce. Domain costs you anywhere between $2 - $35 depending upon the registrar. Namecheap, Godaddy and Bigrock are offering for cheap prices today.

    2. Choose a web host to host your WordPress blog. Dreamhost, Bluehost, Hostgator are dedicated WordPress hosts and offer flexible functionality for every user. They may cost you around $60 - $120 for one year. If you afford even more, try WP Engine or Synthesis web hosts, premium hosts.

    3. Now install WordPress in single click and follow the guidelines like setting up accounts, passwords, backup etc. Now its time to buy a premium theme for your blog . Though free themes are available, they lack professional look and flexibility. Some popular theme providers are, StudioPress, woo themes, elegant themes, Thesis etc. They are available in a range of $40 - $200.

    After completing design, you can install plugins for security, performance, speed, caching, SEO etc. Also, you can use widgets to make your blog look better. I hope you got the required information.

  • You may want to create a personal blog or a website for your product or business. To get a website you must have these things:
    1. Web Hosting (I personally recommend Hostgator because it has 99.9% uptime. I personally use it and found it awesome.)
    2. Domain Name (This is the main part. I recommend you to take a high end domain name like .com which should define what your website is about.)

    Apart from these you will need a website builder. For this you should go for Wordpress because it is easy to use and also the most used one. I suggest you HostGator for hosting because its servers never gets down and provide all the features at a low price. Choice is yours.

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

  • I don't know about creating your own website and launching it on the internet. However I can guide you creating your own website in If you are new to Blogger then you will be asked to create website with the name ending with So it falls under blogging domain. I hope you are expecting a website like To do this follow the below steps in Blogger.

    1. In Blogger left pane you will find option called Settings.
    2. In Settings you will find Publishing option.
    3. There you can enter your own custom domain name.
    4. Prices will be charges on yearly basis for custom domain.

    This process will create a new website for you. For website view you can either use default templates available in Blogger or you can use your own template.

    I have seen many technology sites which are using this kind of website.

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