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    Best gaming laptops under Rs.20000

    Do you love playing games? Follow this thread to know the best gaming laptops priced under Rs.20000

    The thread is about gaming laptop in very reasonable price.So can you provide the full details, specification, features and price of top gaming laptops which would be within Rs.20000/. Please do tell if the laptops with 15.6 LCD are best for that purpose.
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  • There are many normal laptops available under Rs 20000 but there are no multiple choices of gaming laptops available at the moment under Rs 20000 except few like Asus X53U SX358D gadget which cost around Rs 19000. It's detail are given below.

    Asus X53U SX358D laptop specs and price
    2 GB DDR3 RAM expandable to 8GB
    500 GB HDD
    AMD APU Dual Core processor
    AMD Radeon HD 6250
    15.6 inch LED backlit glare panel display
    Price: Rs. 19000/=

    If you can compromise with price then there are many gaming laptops available from range of Rs 35000 to Rs 50000.

    Below are some normal laptops(not gaming laptop) which are tagged under Rs 20000:

    Asus 1015E-CY041D Netbook (Rs. 16336)
    Asus X55U SX111D X Series Laptop (Rs 18290)
    Acer Aspire V5-121 Netbook (Rs 20490)
    Acer Aspire V5-123 Netbook (Rs. 19598)
    Lenovo Essential A10 (Rs. 18950)
    Toshiba C850D-M0010 Laptop (Rs. 20590)


  • I am sure that you cannot get the best gaming laptop under Rs.20000. Laptops under Rs.20000 will be good for watching videos, word processing and internet browsing. Main hardware required for game processing is graphics card with at least 1 GB memory. Graphics card will be available only in laptops priced above Rs.30,000 approx. If you want to play online games then it is possible for laptop priced under Rs.20000. For full fledged PC games it is quite difficult.

    Try gaming consoles
    If you really love playing games and only purpose of your laptop is playing games then give a try to gaming consoles. You can get world class gaming consoles for less than Rs.20000. Below are some gaming consoles with their price.

    > Sony PS3 12 GB - Rs. 16990
    > Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports - Rs. Rs. 14631
    > Sony PS2 - Rs. 8490

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