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    How to copy the text automatically with Mozila ?

    Want to copy the text automatically from Mozilla Firefox browser? Are you facing problem in copying by "iMacro"? Get rid of these problems by suggestions from our experts.

    Hello sir,

    I am doing work in Mozilla Firefox and I am copying the text repeatedly to paste in MS Excel. The text is some time in Column format or some time in Horizontal format. Could you suggest me how to copy the text automatically with Mozilla. I have tried "iMacro" but unable to understand there tags. I have URL's of these text data. Please tell me which way is easy and if you have any tutorial for that then notice me.

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  • What you actually require is "Macro Recorded" and not "iMacro". Macro Recorded will record and repeat your actions on the system which should help you automated the copy paste task.

    If it is just one website you are copying from and you are doing it for the purpose of keeping a backup of a sites content to read it offline then you can use Internet Download manager to make an offline version of the site.

    Please give more details of the problem if the above solutions don't work for you.

  • You can use firefox addon for automatically copy the text with Mozilla. Try these one
    1. AutoCopy
    2. Copy on select
    3. Copy plain text 2
    4. Copy Paste
    5. ClickCutter Autocopy
    6. Click and Copy Text
    7. RightToClick

    Try these addons on firefox. You will find pretty helpful.

  • Firefox has a couple of AddOns or extensions that may prove helpful to you. A few of them are:

    This is one of the best add ons to copy past your text. It overrides certain java script limitations. Get this add on from the link

    2. Save text to file
    This add on saves your copied data into a specified file. You can later paste the contents from this file to your desired location. Yiu can get the add on at the link

    3. AUTOCOPY 2
    The add on copies the text to the clipboard when you highlight or select the text. The add on is available at the link

    4. Easy copy paste
    This is an easy tool for copy pasting your files. It can copy your content with or without formatting. Just select the Turn on or off option while using it. Get it from

    5. Auto form
    This add on will copy all fields from a webpage. It works with a single click. You can get this add on at

    Live....and Let Live!

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