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  • Top five wireless mouse for gaming under Rs.2000

    Are you a gaming enthusiast? Follow this thread to know the best wireless mouse for gaming which are priced below Rs.2000

    In these days people love to play game on the computer. So the mouse is the major element in this stage. So can you tell me the best wireless mouse for gaming? I saw many wireless mouse in the market but I need some help from experts. Please provide the details about the mouse and their prices available under Rs.2000.
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  • When we go for any gaming accessory, first of all we look at the performance and speed of it. You can easily get branded gaming mouse under Rs. 2,000, which will give you remarkable performance. Some of them are listed below.

    1. Logitech G100 Gaming Mouse:- Logitech is long in the business of computer peripherals and this mouse is just perfect for new gamers. It has a 2500 dpi optical sensor. You can easily adjust dpi with the help of a small button provided near scroll button. You can get this mouse easily for INR 1300 approx.

    2. Razer Abyssus Mirror:- My second priority is for Razer Abyssus Mirror because this mouse is from a company which is professional in creating accessories. It has everything and fulfill every needs at a pretty low price of INR 1900 approx. This small beast is packed up with a 32.5 infrared sensor and with highest dpi of 3500. You also get polling adjustment from 125hz to 1000hz which makes gaming experience better than other mice.

    3. CoolerMaster CM Storm Xornet Mouse:- If you use your mouse with your claw then this one is perfect for you because this mouse has a comfortable claw support. You can easily handle the mouse with advanced technology grip. This mouse will give you highest performance of 2000dpi. If you are a FPS gamer then this one is best one for you. You can easily get this beast below INR 1700. You can go for them because they are personally used by me.

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  • Gaming mouse have additional keys to play games. So it is not required to use keyboard like while you play with traditional mouse. Below are some best gaming mouse under Rs.2000.

    DigiFlip GM001 - Rs.1000
    Dragon War Dragunov - Rs.1169
    Cooler Master Spawn - Rs.1899
    Logitech G100s - Rs.1360
    Trriger T-32 - Rs.1349

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