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    Upgrade firmware for 3G USB modems of Indian ISPs

    Are you planning to upgrade firmware for 3G USB modems of Indian ISPs? Want to contact to third party firmware upgraders? Get the answer by subscribing to this question.

    Is it possible to upgrade the firmware for 3G USB modems from Epivalley, ZTE and Huawei, without contacting the authorised service centre? I have visited the service center for one USB dongle, but they are refusing to upgrade the firmware, by giving excuses. Is there any other third party in India, who offers these firmware upgrades to the owners of these 3G USB modems as the backdoors are exploited by well connected people to spy on laptop users?
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  • As long as the manufacturers of the modems are not pushing any updates for them, you don't need to worry about security threats. And updating the firmware of the USB modems is not very much critical. If there is any security hole and there is an update, the service center guys must have updated your modem. In case you still want to update firmware, you can check sites like where you will find firmware updates and the required procedure.

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