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    Is it possible to hide comments posted in Facebook groups from friends?

    Want to know how to hide your posts from friends in Facebook? Learn how to protect your privacy and make sure your private photos are not shared unknowingly with others.

    I have been an active part of several Facebook groups. I share plenty of things in relevant Facebook groups which may not interest my Facebook friends. However, whatever comment or article I share in a Facebook group, it becomes visible to my friends. I do not want to keep spamming my friends Facebook updates with my posts as I share similar things in lots of Facebook groups and they keep receiving all the updates. Please let me know how to hide my contribution to Facebook groups from my Facebook friends? In short, please share tips to maintain privacy of Facebook group posts.
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  • Only groups that are secret or are locked keep your posts private, any other open group won't. I've been looking for an answer to the same question as well. I have also fiddled around with Facebook settings but have so far not been able to find an answer to it. Hopefully Facebook will listen to us and give us an option to keep our posts private.

  • Your post and comment could be secured only when you join a closed group. If you are a member of a open group on Facebook then their is no way to hide that notifications from your friends on Facebook.

    To keep you privacy level high I must recommend you that you should join only the closed groups or secret groups.

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