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  • How to add google+,facebook,twitter,follow us widgets to a page or post in a blog.

    Do you want to learn how to add the social widgets to your Blogger blog? Learn how to make the best use out of your blogs.

    I have created my blog but I want add Google+, fFacebook, Twitter follow us widgets to a page or post in a Blogger's blog. If any one here in this forum can help me how to add widgets, please explain with examples.
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  • After creating a blog, you need to publicize it on different social networking websites to get a good amount of page views and subscribers. Share your articles in Google+ and Twitter. You can link your blog to twitter so that your post can be automatically updated when you post an article. By creating a page in Facebook, you can gain good amount of subscribers. Share the details of your page with your friends and they would share it with others. Write a killer article once in 3 days or update your blog twice or thrice a week. This can make your blog popular. To add the widgets, from the dashboard click on layout. You can find "Add a Gadget", another window will open and you can scroll down to select the Google+, +1 buttons etc. There is another process to link your Twitter and Facebook page.

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