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    Is app-wrapper really an effective tool?

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    I have just now seen an ad on techulator in which it was telling a tool naming app wrapper. Its name clearly shows that it is mainly used for wrapping up all the apps. I want to ask the experts that is it really an effective and is it a working tool? I really wanted such a good app tool which will help me to manage my apps I didn't click on that tool because it might contain a virus please inform me that is it safe to click and download that tool and whether it is an effective tool which doesn't use more amount of RAM of our PC and can be download easily.
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  • The AppWrapper is a revolutionary type invention developed for Android app developers. Using this kit one need not use any coding and can easily automates the integration of SDKs. This is a multipurpose kit using for many services including analytic, bug tracking and monetization. App developers can save a lot of time using AppWrapper and this new product also won many awards.

    As far as economic aspect is concerned, App developers can easily integrate Premium RTB ads or Google Play Store. So they can earn their money without much efforts.

    Bug tracking facility is very attractive option that enables to collect different types of reports including live crash, feed back etc.

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