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    How to make my HP pen drive password protected?

    Do you want to protect your pen drive with a password and secure it from others/ Learn the ways to protect pen drive.

    I have just ordered a new pen drive by online shopping which is of HP the pen drive is good it has good copying speed and a great 3.0 pen drive. But I am facing a problem that anybody can access my pen drive without my permission. I want to make it password protected so anybody cannot access it. If there is any software for setting password please provide the link below (please only provide direct download link).
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  • Along with a software download link which helps you to password protect your HP pendrive I also like to provide you some information regarding this topic. First of all there are two ways to password protect you files in a pendrive. The first way is buy a special encrypted pendrive where the encryption algorithm is implemented right in the hardware. The second way is install a third party encryption software to your pendrive. You can find a lots of encryption software in the market. Here I am going to introduce you TrueCrypt, an open-source disk encryption software which is perfect to password protect your pendrive. Before installing this software have to make sure that the following requirements are available. A computer with the Windows operating system and administrative rights, and a copy of TrueCrypt installer.

    Now you can start the process.
    1. Locate the downloaded TrueCrypt software and double click on that for the installation. Review the licence agreement and click on the Next button.

    2. On the next page you can see Install and Extract options. Select Extract and click on the Next button.

    3. Now you have to select the pendrive using Browse button from the list and click OK. Before this step make sure that you backuped all the files in that pendrive. After the pendrive letter type 'TruCrypt' and click on the Extract button. Now all the necessary files has been encrypted and moved to the directory TrueCrypt.

    4. Click on the finsh button and destination folder will be opened in Windows Explorer. Double click on the TrueCrypt.exe option and select Create Volume button in the next page.

    5. Select 'Create an encrypted file container' option and click on the Next button.

    6. In the next page select 'Standard TrueCrypt volume' radio button and click Next.

    7. In the next page you have to enter the Volume Location. For that type the drive letter followed by the TrueCrypt container file name. You must have to specify the extension .tc too. After all these click on the Next button.

    8. Type the volume size and select the appropriate radio button and click Next. Then type the password in the next page and click on the Next button.
    9. Move your mouse across the window to increase the cryptographic strength of the encryption
    keys. After finishing this click on the Format button and wait for a few minutes while TrueCrypt creates the encrypted volume. Then you will see the following message 'The TrueCrypt volume has been successfully created'. Click OK and you are done.

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  • There are so many free Software available online for Pen drive protection, you can check online and download software for Pen drive protection. Make sure you install a right one.

    For safer side, you can visit reliable site like and download required software and follow the procedure given over there.


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