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    Can we install Eclipse in Chromebook?

    Are you using Eclipse and want to know if it will work on Google Chromebook? Learn how you can use Chromebook for developing Java applications.

    When I am browsing laptops under Rs.25000, I found a Chromebook from HP. I came to know that there are several other Chromebooks. Now my doubt is can we install Eclipse in Chromebook?. Is that laptop fully dependent on internet? I need basic things like audio, video and office available offline. What are the features that are available in Chromebook offline? Share your experience if you are using Chromebook.
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  • Dear member , please note that Chromebooks are similar to netbooks. Chromebooks are specially designed in the manner that it worked when it is connected to Internet.

    But there are some apps which works offline on Chromebook.

    When you surf Chrome Web Store you will find a dedicated offline apps section. These apps are Solitaire, Calculator, and Scratchpad, While some apps like Gmail Offline, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Play Books need some additional setup and installation to be used offline.

    There is Media player app to play music and watch video offline. You can store music, images and videos and your data on your Chromebook or in Cloud storage. You can edit view and edit your images with built-in-image editor. Chromebook has PDF viewer so you can load and view your PDF documents offline. You cannot install Office on Chromebook. Instead of Office you can use Google Drive (Docs, Slides, Sheets).

    Can we install Eclipse in Chromebook?

    Chromebook is not the OS on which you can install Eclips. You need JVM to run Eclips but unfortunately Chromebook does not have JVM.

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