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    How to increase organic traffic?

    Are you struggling to get traffic to your blog? Learn how the professional bloggers are managing to get good traffic to their blogs.

    As you are aware that nowadays hard to get organic traffic for quality, new and regular contribution, after updates of Search engine algorithm from Google. Many professional Bloggers are suffering on this and would like to improve its area and increase organic traffic to their webpages or blog. Thus, I would like to know as well how to increase organic traffic to blog or webpages in order to get good PR and Ads revenue? Expert, please share some tips for increasing organic traffic.
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  • You are right. Getting organic traffic these days is really difficult for those who don't have knowledge and time. Thousands of Bloggers who are now Pros worked for years and succeeded. Even you and I can be a pro blogger one day if we share worthy, fresh, unique content by maintaining consistency.

    Today 'being social' is helping many new bloggers to attain traffic and a better rank. Try to engage and interact with as many people as you can on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social platforms.

    Try to exhibit your expertise and capabilities to them and those connections can later be made into conversions.

    Here are a few posts that may help you increase organic traffic to your blog or website.

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  • It has become really difficult these days to get organic traffic due to rising competition. In niches like technology, make money etc, there is a lot of competition and it causes blogs and websites, especially new once to rank well in the search engines and get organic traffic.

    Some of the best ways to get organic traffic from search engines are:

  • Write good quality original content. It should be detailed and well researched. Never copy paste from other sources. If at all it's required, read the matter, research on it and then write it in your own words.

  • Focus on search engine optimization for your blog posts. Make use of adequate keywords both exact and long tail, in your blog posts. Optimize the title well and write a good search engine summary/description. Try to build good quality Backlinks to your blog posts.

  • Use social media sharing. Share posts on social media and try to get as many shares as possible.

  • Techulator has lots of good resources written by well qualified writers and experts on these subjects. You can read articles related to Search Engine Optimization, getting organic traffic etc to increase your knowledge and apply it at your blog to start getting more organic traffic and thus increase your revenue.

  • Nowadays attracting visitors to your newly launched websites is not an easy task. Just copying good quality contents will not drive huge traffic. Moreover search engines will blacklist these spam websites and your content will no longer be available in the search results. Normally most of the newbie's are interested towards tech based niches such as smartphones, apps, Tablet PC's etc. It's true that tech based websites have greater chances in the internet. But you must understand that thousands of highly rated websites are providing quality posts in this niche. However you can still attract visitors to your tech based website if it's unique and fresh in the internet.
    In my opinion topics such as How to root Nokia X, How to install Google Play Store in Nokia X will attract more visitors instead of specs and features of Nokia X. Always think ahead of the topic instead of writing the present.

    Sharing is Caring

  • Before starting blogging, you need to work hard to get a good and hot topic on the internet. You need to provide good information on the selected topic. Try not to make the visitor feel bored when he/she is reading the content. Make it easy and interesting. Post your blog link to your friends and ask them to share. Create a page on Facebook and share your content. Share on Twitter as well. These days Facebook/Twitter are the famous social networking sites which help in sharing information. Make your visitor to subscribe to your blog by giving genuine information. Post at least 4 posts per week. Provide free gifts for your subscribers. Free gifts can attract anyone.

  • Sharing your article in social networks and getting traffic doesn't comes under organic traffic. I don't feel that length of the content is not playing crucial role in raking article. I have seen many of my article less than 100 words are receiving good traffic. It is only because of the unique heading and content. No matter what you write, it should be unique. If you want to write unique article then write article about what you search. People around you are searching for the content what you are searching. Find what is missing on internet. It won't work all the time. Try to add articles about what you are seeking in addition to re-written article.

  • Content is king. Always write for genuine concepts and try to help as much as others. This will increase the faith in visitors. They will even follow you if you maintain regularity of your posting. Always make use of Twitter and Facebook to drive other country's traffic.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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