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    Can I post Android rooting articles in AdSense approved blogs?

    Learn more about the Google policies regarding using AdSense ads on Android rooting related articles and blog posts.

    I have a blog on which I write a lot of articles about Android smartphone rooting. Recently I got AdSense approved and planning to use it in my blog. Is it against AdSense policies to use AdSense ads on Android rooting related articles?
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  • AdSense policies clearly states that you cannot use AdSense on pages that encourages, supports or promotes "Hacking/cracking".

    However, when it comes to Android rooting or iPhone jail breaking, there is no clear policies mentioned in the AdSense program policies.

    Here is another policy that may be indirectly related to this: "Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others".

    If you are talking about illegally rooting a device, that will be considered as an illegal thing and you will not be able to use AdSense on that page.

    However, rooting your Android phone is not an illegal thing (may be, not always!). If you purchased your phone paying the full cost, it is your device and you can do anything you want (unless the law in your country specifically disallow it). As far as I know, in any country, if you purchased the Android device by paying full cost, you can root it and use it however your want.

    But let us look into jail breaking iPhones. In some countries like USA, you will get the device at a discounted price. The device will be locked to a service provider and if do jail breaking to come out of the service contract, that will be considered as an illegal act. Google doesn't support any illegal activities and you cannot use AdSense on pages that supports illegal activities.

    However, jail breaking can be used for legally allowed purposes as well. Consider this scenario. You purchased an iPhone from USA, used it for few years until the service contract is over and now want to gift it to your relative in India. In that case, you can jail break it in India without breaking any laws. Such jail breaking will be considered legal.

    So, whether you can use AdSense ads on rooting and jail breaking related articles or not depends on what you have you written in the article. If you compose the article without explicitly supporting the illegal use of it, then you can safely use AdSense ads on it. But if your articles sounds like you are supporting illegal use of it, then your AdSense account may be at risk. So, use the words with caution and prepare the article in a manner to support only the legal use of rooting and jail breaking.

  • You can write about Android rooting techniques in your AdSense approved blog/website if it is not encouraging your visitors to do any illegal activities. If you write about "how to root Android smartphone purchased from Verizon before the contract is over" it's a violation of AdSense policies because your post is encouraging your visitors to do illegal things. In India people are buying electronic products by paying the full amount and there is no contract with any one. In these cases the buyer can do whatever he want his device and their is no such illegal activity. It should be also noted that rooting will break the warranty of the device.

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