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  • What is white hat seo? Give some practical examples

    Follow this thread to learn what is SEO and how is it important for developing and promoting a website.

    I would like to create a site. I need to know what is SEO and white hat SEO. If you know any techniques explain with practical example. And also I want know what is the importance of seo in developing a site. How to use seo? If you have any material in pdf please share here.
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  • SEO is divided into two types – White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is the SEO tips which are approved by search engines to rank your webpage higher in the search engines. Let us take an example of creating backlinks to websites. There are ways of getting backlinks –

    1) Buying the links and
    2)creating it by own by doing some hard work.

    You should never buy links because it is considered as Black Hat SEO and your blog will get penalized by popular search engines like Google. On the other hand, creating backlinks by own through Forums, guest blogging and commenting the quality backlinks which are approved by search engines and helps in top ranking of web pages. White Hat SEO is the strategies to rank your content higher to target the audiences.

  • As said in the above response, there were two types of SEO practices - Black hat and White hat. But recently a third type called negative SEO came into use and being used by some spammers to effect the reputation of their competitors. You can know more about it in my article.

    In simple words white hat SEO comprises as the rules and guidelines set by search engines i.e. either Bing or Google. If one follows all such rules to rank his blog or website he is said to be a white hat SEO.

    Generally any one who wishes to be a White hat SEO expert should learn the following;

    1. How Search Engines work
    2. How web users interact with Search Engines
    3. What kind of web design do search engines like
    4. Keyword Placement
    5. Search Engine friendly link building

    Also, every white hat SEO should be familiar with what is Black hat and negative SEO to prevent his blog/website from facing penalties.

  • SEO can be divided into two parts White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

    All that SEO techniques Which are Ethical and are acceptable by search engines comes under White HAT seo technique. For example :
    Submitting sitemap to Search engine
    Blog commenting
    Google authorship
    Writing Great quality and Unique content
    Specifying META Tags

    These come under the White HAT seo.

    Black Hat SEO Includes Various Things which are basically used to fool the search engines to promote your article. These can be dangerous for any blog as Search engines can penalize your blog. Most common Black HAT SEO tricks are:

    Spammy link Building
    Repetition of Keywords

    Never try these things and be safe! enjoy blogging.

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