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    Can I use AdSense on blogs with YouTube videos?

    Are you wondering if it is against the AdSense policies to use AdSense ads on video blogs with YouTube videos? Follow this thread to learn the related terms and conditions.

    I have seen many blogs that contain only YouTube videos and they are getting huge traffic. They are using AdSense ads. Is it allowed? Can I simply create a video blog and embed lot of funny videos from YouTube? I will not do any invalid activities or click on ads myself. Only thing is, I will add videos created by someone else.

    Is it against AdSense policies to create such a blog?
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  • Do not create any blog just for YouTube purpose but you can share your YouTube video URL embedded or others Video at your blog in some occasion as relevant.

    It is better to use blog for maximum content and rare usage of YouTube video as relevant which won't affect blog.


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