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  • Which Bank is the best for EFT to Indian Adsense Publisher

    Find out which banks work best for wire transfer from Google. Not all banks work the same way and each bank has its own fees and charges for wire transfer. Find out which bank is the best in India to get the funds transferred from Google AdSense through EFT.

    Since we got a good news from Google for Indian Publishers to take the advantages of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Beta. Bank to Bank vary in Foreign currency exchange rate, its fee and remittance/delivery time. Some Bank pay good exchange rate and takes lesser fee with shortest duration of remittance and some Bank pay lower exchange rate and take higher fee with longest duration for remittance. In such scenario, which bank is the best for EFT to Indian Adsense Publisher?
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  • Since Adsense EFT payments in India are a new thing in India there is no much information available about the best banks for it. Wait for a few days and we will definitely be a better position to answer this.

    In my personal opinion, there is nothing like best bank for EFT transfer payments at such. All the banks are the same. Still you can try out doing transfer at popular nationalized or private banks in India having NEFT/RTGS facility. You might even check websites of these banks and even contact their customer support helpline for knowing the exchange rates etc.

  • From the recent updates from AdSense experts, nationalized banks are perfect for Google AdSense EFT program. They are paying maximum exchange rates with minimum fees. Instead of nationalized banks you can also choose South Indian Bank (SIB). I think they are providing higher exchange rates than the nationalized banks.

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  • I've tried two different banks to receive payments from Google Adsense. While I tried State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) for my own account, I gave ICICI Bank a try for my wife's Adsense account. The payments were received on the same date for both the accounts.

    Here are some details that would give you an idea of the exchange rate and other charges incurred:

    Date: 26th August 2014

    ICICI Bank:
    Exchange Rate: Rs. 59.16 per USD
    Commission/Service Charge: Roughly Rs.31

    State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH):
    Exchange Rate: Rs. 60.34 per USD
    Commission: Rs. 150
    Service Charge: Rs.31

    Although SBH gave me a better exchange rate for the same day than ICICI bank, it was the commission they charged that made me choose ICICI for future payments. This may not make much difference to people who earn between $100-200 per month from Adsense, however people who earn much more than that should go for ICICI Bank if they have to choose between these two banks.

    I would be very interested in knowing the exchange rates offered by other banks along with their commission/other charges. Would appreciate if others would share their details.

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