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    How and where can I sell my fashion blog?

    Looking forward to sell your existing blog and pocket some money? Follow this thread for complete steps and tips for the same.

    I have read online that once your blog starts doing well, you can even sell it for money. Blogging is a very popular concept in foreign countries and I would not be surprised if blogs are easily bought & sold there but I don't think, many people would like to buy a blog in India.

    I have a fashion blog and unlike other countries, where even local shops are ready to advertise on your blog,finding advertisers is difficult. I am working on developing this blog but I plan to sell it after the end of this year. Has anyone of you sold your blog? Where can I get a buyer? If there is any online platform or website through which buying and selling of blogs take place, please inform me.
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  • I would suggest you to contact some popular bloggers and webmasters and ask them if they are interested in buying the website. Provide complete details about the domain, hosting platform etc and correct statistics of the blog. Quote a reasonable price for the deal too.

    You can also make use of website listing platforms like Flippa and even use forums where you can list your site and if any buyer is interested they will contact you.
    Hope it solves your query.

  • There are various ways by which you can sell your blog online. Some useful tips to get the best price for your fashion blog are listed below:
  • Make your blog SEO friendly by hiring an SEO expert from freelancer sites like odesk, elance, freelancer, etc. People tend to pay more for SEO-friendly blogs or websites.

  • is the best platform to sell your blogs. You can also try selling your blog on GoDaddy. If you have a good domain name for your blog, may be you can try selling the domain name separately from the content (articles).

  • Join some popular Facebook groups meant for Webmasters and Content Writers. You can try to advertise your fashion blog in such groups and consult experts for getting best deals for your blog.

  • Before selling your blog, make sure you get Google Adsense approved for it. People are more likely to purchase a Adsense approved blog at a higher price.You can consult Mr.Tony John (owner of sites like IndiaStudyChannel, Techulator, DotNetSpider, etc.) to check if your blog is read for Google Adsense application.

  • Instead of selling your blog, you can even think of outsourcing maintenance of your blog to a new freelance content writer and SEO expert. You can share the revenue generated from your blog on a regular basis.

  • Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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